Monday, February 13, 2012

building a new blog

I can not believe I am sharing this photo with you, but ya know, I want to kick this blog off on a genuine note.  And genuinely right this second I want to throw the computer across the room.  Doesn't help that I've been whacked by the sinus fairy.  Thank you fairy.  Anyhoo, I am pretty good at tweaking and messing with the blog behind the scenes, the pretty stuff that is.  But when it comes to codes, html and other foreign languages, I am clueless.  And although the blog is not really live yet....there may be a few of you sneaking over and I want to be ready.  I also want to start the blog from the beginning.  Which really should have been 2 months ago.  But, here I am...feeling exactly as the photo above.

The funniest part of the WHOLE enchilada is that I actually named the blog wrong right out of the gate.  I wondered why the heck every time I typed it in it came up unavailable.  I could only get to it behind the scenes.  Well duh.  But guess what, you can change that!  Yes.  Whew.  Didn't have to start over.  Which is a very good thing.   The HELP button really helps ya.  When in an emergency situation that is.  Now off to figure out why the heck my Jenni Horne Studios button is the oldest one on the block.  Foreign language again....I am very glad I have my Cliff Notes....AKA  Tiffin Mills to help me!!

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