Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 20

I'll get ya some close-ups of this next week....we are actually on our way to the beach tomorrow.  Thus where my inspiration came from this week!  The layering and building up of this canvas was truly inspiring the entire time.  I knew this was out of my thread, but really wanted a challenge this week.  Something different is good every once-in-awhile for a creative soul.  I used a ton of chalk pastels in this canvas.  Never been a huge fan of them, but I'm taking an online course and she prompts us too, so I had them out on the table already and thought, hey why not.  They give this canvas an illuminated appeal.  Luv.

So....yes....this is Mailey and William.  Going to the beach every year is our vacation.  We aren't big fancy trip takers.  Rather we like a week to spend as a family digging in the sand, swimming in the sea and eating lots of raw oysters.  Well, Billy and I eat the oysters anyways.  The above photo was of my children at a very young age.  Mailey lived in that white polka dot bikini.  Really.  Like I kept it in her keepsake box wore it all the time!  I just love the way this photo captured their innocence.  At 12 and 10 I will most likely not find them in this position on the beach again.  And it saddens me a bit.  They are growing so quickly.  And changing so quickly.  Not that I want them to stay young, but I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy each growing moment with them.  For too long they will be gone.  Sigh. 

Well, gotta go gather the shovels, pails, boogie boards and bathing suits.  We want to get an early rise on the road!  See you back next week.....when school starts here!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 19

Over on my Jenni Horne Studios blog this week I made the fun announcement that I'm hitting the pavement running the big 13.1 in October.  So....exciting!!!
So of course week 19's painting had to be my shoes.  I love the way the composition came together.  I added fun scrapbook paper to the inside panels where it is actually white mesh.  And under my shoes the pavement is music paper.  Music is my saving grace during a run.  Slowly I'm gathering a running mix to keep me going.  I just gotta get an I-tunes fairy to come mess on my dreadful PC and get the play list organized.  Because that is SO not my forte.
So the 52 Canvases journey continues to make me smile and keep me motivated.  I'm enjoying entertwining it with real life experiences.  It's as though I'm now painting the story of my 40th year.  I started this with no expectations or thoughts on what I'd paint when.  The canvases have come to me naturally.  I guess the spontaneity of it makes it more enjoyable and more an authentic experience!  So keep coming back...because the journey is almost half over!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 19...Behind the Scenes

My inspiration this week are these:

Be sure to check back here and on the Jenni Horne Studios blog for why on earth I decided to paint my running shoes this week.  I gotta go now...and run!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 18...Woohooo

Coming off a beach trip, what better way to be inspired than with a little water canvas!  At Gulf Shores we couldn't help but giggle at all the airplanes carrying banners.  We'd not been to this coast in a spell.  Where we usually go there aren't little planes with banners that read..."Live Bait, Dead food live music" or "bikini BOGO at Surfside"...etc...We tried to figure out a funny one, but alas I had to be thought provoking and kind with my banner.  I totally think Billy should have asked me to marry him this way.  Right?  how cool would that have been across the concourse at Auburn?

 I had such fun making this tiny airplane completely out of paper. 
 The rainbow cloud was too much with the banner.  It got covered up.  Quick.
The sail was made out of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics and map.  The silver foil made its' way again, again with complete mayhem.  And a few words that were not southern sweet.

Overall I just love it.  On a little personal note, the words were for this reason.  Each and everyday I am feeling more and more like a whole person.  Our little life is by no means perfect, but each day that I get to be surrounded by my Billy, William, Mailey and Lily I understand my purpose.  I know that over the past 10 years there has been more than enough heartbreak, stress and crazy to last me forever.  I've grown so much from all the experiences thrown my way during those 10 years.  And would not change one second of the journey.  But finally, I KNOW that this is a beautiful life I am living.  Took a spell to see it.  To grasp it.  Now, well I am dang sure not planning on letting it go.  And look forward to sharing more joy moving forward with all those around me. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 17

So the silver leaf did in fact work well.  I used it on the stars and the jar lid.  I actually used gold leaf on the firefly bottoms...but it doesn't photograph too well.  In fact in person this painting is so much more vibrant and captivating.  It's this heat making my camera unhappy.
 I love the fireflies. All made from paper and gold leaf.
And then the quote.  I used to put quotes on my work all the time, but lately I've steered away from it.  But after this weekend, I couldn't help myself.  A friend needs to hear this.  Right now.  Yep.  This is for her.  Someone that is radiant in her medium but may need to work a little harder at finding the right niche.  So I encourage all of you out there...and especially let nothing dim the light that shines within.  Even after a crappy show.  Because no one can take away what gives you true joy.  Those little fireflies are proof of this for sure!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 17 with Special Guest

This weekend my little sister brought little man to Atlanta to stay with Mom until Wednesday, the 4th of July.    So Mom could get a little work done, we had Fielding over to our house for the day.  Since we were headed to the beach to meet up with Molly (and maybe give Fielding back)  I decided the 52 canvas HAD to be done while he was here.  Or else I'd have to take everything with me.  Originally I was thinking that'd be cool.  But on second full of kids and two Mommas, yeah, I'll be lucky to potty alone.  Much less get a painting made.  Besides, I had an amazing idea that really needed to be out into the world.  So while I painted, I pulled out an old canvas board and let him at it!  He lasted...oh....2 minutes tops.  Then stated, "I'm done.  Play cars with me?"  And off they went.  May (that's what he calls Mailey, isn't that cute?) kept him entertained all day.  Hide-n-seek is his favorite game.  But he likes to tell you where to hide.  And cars.  "Crash cars?"  He'd ask.  And all day she played.  I loved seeing that bond build.  Honestly we never thought there'd be a baby  from the fact that he loves my children so much is real heart swelling.  Really.  Oh, and he wanted nothing to do with me all day.  Just May and William.  But mostly May.
Mailey painting his name on the back below on the porch.  She giggled at his skill level.  I reminded her that many people pay a fortune for art that looks just like what he painted in 2 minutes!  haha!
 So it appears that I am into Mason jars right now.  With stuff in them.  And Sherbert colors.  Speaking of Sherbert...have you seen or tasted the new orange watermelon??  OMG yum.  And the prettiest color of orange ever.
This time fireflies.  Because they are lighting up my little world right now.  They are magical to me.  I love looking out our back windows into the woods and seeing all the little flickers of light. Can not help but smile.  Little reminders that there is always a light waiting to be turned on in my creative mind. 
I also got the bright idea to use silver leaf.  Yeah.  Bright idea.  I've never used leafing and thought the directions seemed easy enough.  Giggle inserted now.  Georgia 102' heat, and back porch painting may have caused the static issue.  See below from the wrist to all my fingers!  All 10!
Yeah.  Funny I tell ya.  I followed the directions:  fancy glue on areas to foil, wax paper, rubbing, and voila!  It all stuck to me!  And where the glue was.  At least it worked.
 It's messy here....but wait until I get a hold of it with Stabilo pencil and a little collage papers.