Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 18...Woohooo

Coming off a beach trip, what better way to be inspired than with a little water canvas!  At Gulf Shores we couldn't help but giggle at all the airplanes carrying banners.  We'd not been to this coast in a spell.  Where we usually go there aren't little planes with banners that read..."Live Bait, Dead food live music" or "bikini BOGO at Surfside"...etc...We tried to figure out a funny one, but alas I had to be thought provoking and kind with my banner.  I totally think Billy should have asked me to marry him this way.  Right?  how cool would that have been across the concourse at Auburn?

 I had such fun making this tiny airplane completely out of paper. 
 The rainbow cloud was too much with the banner.  It got covered up.  Quick.
The sail was made out of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics and map.  The silver foil made its' way again, again with complete mayhem.  And a few words that were not southern sweet.

Overall I just love it.  On a little personal note, the words were for this reason.  Each and everyday I am feeling more and more like a whole person.  Our little life is by no means perfect, but each day that I get to be surrounded by my Billy, William, Mailey and Lily I understand my purpose.  I know that over the past 10 years there has been more than enough heartbreak, stress and crazy to last me forever.  I've grown so much from all the experiences thrown my way during those 10 years.  And would not change one second of the journey.  But finally, I KNOW that this is a beautiful life I am living.  Took a spell to see it.  To grasp it.  Now, well I am dang sure not planning on letting it go.  And look forward to sharing more joy moving forward with all those around me. 

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