why 52 canvases?

The story behind the 52.....

So this idea...this BIG idea came to me sometime back.  It seemed everyone had a "52 weeks" project.  From colors to clothes, people are sharing their journey of 52 weeks through blogging.  Hmmm.....I really want to do that.  But.........
A.  I didn't start in January, so it would be silly to start mid-year, right?
B.  I wasn't really interested in sharing 52 weeks of anything I saw out there that had already been started.

Then idea of creating 52 canvases came to me....but again, I'd missed the 1.1.2012 deadline.  But alas, not all was lost.  Because you see friends, this marks my 40th year.  Yep.  The BIG 4-0.  So then my wheels started spinning.  52 canvases in my 40th year!!  How cool is that idea???  Then I could start March 12th....that would give me plenty of time to:
A.  Really think about the idea.  Like over-think think about the idea.  Like wheelies in the head, day dream and not focus on life think about the idea.
B.  Let the idea grow into a humongous idea.
C.  Get beyond excited and start blogging behind the scenes about the idea.
D.  Have a fun photo shoot with a favorite peep for the new blog.
E.  Gather supplies...including 52 canvases.
F.  Get a gallery on board with the idea (because like I said, humongous idea)
G.  Get the family excited about the idea.
H.  decide on a charity to give the proceeds to.  because I want this to be about giving back.  yep.

So here it goes......52 Weeks in my 40th Year.  I love the idea.  And have super big plans for the Solo Show opening in the end.  I will be talking about that along the way......but for now let's get this show on the road!  I can't wait to share this new journey with you all.


  1. Your creativity is amazing! I cant wait for this to unfold!!

  2. This is a great project and I'm so looking forward to following along! Oh and I would NEVER have guesses you were turning 40 this year - you look great :)

  3. Love this idea, looking forward to following you throughout the year.

  4. Hi! New follower here! This is an exciting idea & I'm looking forward to see it develop. Good luck to you & I hope you reach all of your goals! :D

  5. love this idea! and your paintings are wonderful!!!