about jenni

Here are the top 10  things I thought you might want to know:

1.  I am married...yep.  Taken and smitten now 21 years.  (Geesh I'm old.)
2.  Have 2 fabulous kids...Mailey(10) and William(12)..a little dog (Lily) a fluffy fat sweet as pie cat (Ellie) and an evil sidekick (Graham Cracker)
3.  Teach art to K-5 graders at Mailey's school.  Yes, that is pretty cool.  And yes, I know how lucky I am.
4.  I am crazy sensitive and can cry if ya look at me wrong.  And if you compliment me or my kids or my art I will probably cry too.  I know. 
5.  Cookies are my favorite food group.  Although the PE teacher tells me there is no food group called "cookie".  She's fibbing.  Because there is.
6.  Voted "Most Creative" of my Senior Class.  It is to date one of the best awards ever given to me.  They saw something in me I didn't.... love that I see it shining through after it was brought to my attention.
7.  I think the greatest gift I was given was the ability to teach.  It is magical to see what we create in the art room daily.
8.  I am very musical....I can sing, dance, play the piano, guitar and some mandolin. 
9.  All I ever wanted to be growing up was an architect.  I'm glad God had another plan for me and was able to speak over me.  (He's probably the ONLY one with this ability.)
10.   I love being alone.  In fact the biggest adjustment going back to teaching was the constant talking and interacting with me.  Those of you that have been around me find this ironic I am sure, because I am quite outgoing and talkative.  But seriously I could live on an island if you'd let me.  I am perfectly content being alone.  It's crazy....and I don't mean I want everyone to shut me out and run away.  But part of my soul needs to be alone to listen and find balance.  So I carve it out....in strange rhythmic ways.  It has taken some time.  But finally I've found it.   I think that's part of why I'm looking very forward to this project.   Being alone with the canvas and having a purpose with the canvas is going to make for a wonderful year!

But if you really want to know more about my widdle life as an artist, check out my other blog (yes, I am one of the crazy ones with more than one blog):

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