Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 38

Spirited......about sums up my being these days.  Passionate is another word I might use to describe myself.  Passionate about what I do for a living, teaching.

I found myself in a unique position this week.  One that required pulling out my resume.  I know...artists have resumes too you know.  I found that in 15 years I have gained a lot of amazing and diverse experiences teaching people of all ages.  And yet sadly, it still may not be enough to even get an interview.  But me being the spirited one and a philosophy of "the answer to a question never asked is always no" sent the resume anyways.  And now I am waiting.  And praying that this opportunity will give me a chance to introduce myself.  And show them how I can guide their students into finding their own creative threads.  If not, well.....I suppose I'll just add another layer to my own brightly colored sweater.  And continue to guide the students at my current school to shine quite brightly. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 37

This week we had the whole week off for Thanksgiving break.  It was a wonderful week.  One of those that you blink and bam! it's over.  We glided through the week, the kids and I.  Going here....going there....eating this.....and a lot of that.  Perfect.  I also found time to get into the studio a spell.  At least for a little spell.  Mostly I nested.  It was what I needed to do this week.  Nest.  And be a Momma.  And a hostess.  Yeah.  It was a lovely week.

But here's what I did accomplish in the studio.  Week 37:

Dreamers.......I mentioned in my regular blog last week that without people like me who see things of beauty in the simplest and sometimes the strangest of places, the world would be a very plain place to be.  Dreamers go hand and hand with this train of thought.  You gotta have those......lots of those.  I like this little painting and the simplicity of its meaning and its composition.  And yet all the elements together create a complex lovely work of art to gander at, no?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 36

I've found that Sunday morning has become morning has become my studio morning.  It's nice and quiet in the house since everyone sleep in extra late.  We usually attend church, but not until around 10am.  Today however, I played hooky to get extra done.

 Actually the painting part I had finished earlier in the week, but knew I wanted to stamp words into the orange ring and couldn't quite decide what the words needed to be.
 And then after flipping through my book of words this quote by lao tzu stood out.

Just saying this about sums up my little life.  Letting go and trusting that who I am supposed to be is inevitable.  The path has been laid forward.   I just have to trust that my feet can stay on it and not be led astray.  We think we know better for ourselves.  But a sweet blog reader sent me a rather long message this week saying ya know what?   God gave me the desire and the talent to paint.  It was the path he chose for me and the path I've chosen to stay on.  I just have to remember these wise words.....

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 35

This one is called, "Giving Courage".  Sometimes we need that little push.  That little nudge.  It's finding the courage to step into the unknown.  The courage to stand strong.  The courage to be who you are.  I try to give that to you through my art.  Simple messages of hope and encouragement.  My words are not fluff.  They stand solid.  They sometimes doubt, but they always find a way of coming back around to the truth. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Week 34

So the words I see in this image, but just didn't have the heart to stamp are these:

"Sometimes when you give your whole heart comes back to you."

Some unusual things have been happening in my life lately.  Doors are closing, old doors are re-opening, and some doors are coming off the hinge.  I've so much to say right now, and for a first time I don't really know how to say it or where to start.  I've so many ideas for the future of my art.  And perhaps that is why there is so much openness right now.  My body is trying to absorb it all because one day it will happen.  It will.  I was reading another artist's website the other day and found myself so excited with her direction, her motivation and her drive to create happy, meaningful art.  I've often felt I need to apologize for the simplicity of my work.  Or the whimsical nature of its' content.  But ya know what?  People need to see and hear from people like ME.  So I'm going to keep trucking on making art that includes lots of birds, heart balloons and bikes.  I'm also getting back to working on a real website(that I started 2 years ago).  One that will engage you and make you just slap happy happy.  Because that is what I want to put out into the world.  I am not a Debbie Downer.  I am not a half-empty girl.  I am half-full, and excited about the potential that lies within my hands.  I get wound up about the silliest things.  And I am passionate to a fault about others.  I love to blog, but I need to share my story in one platform.  So the story remains strong and the same.  The truth told once.   In blogging we tend to share more intimate sides of ourselves.  Our ups and our downs.  They happen all right.  And they suck.  Of course we all grow from those don't we?  And I love to share this side of me.  But I also want everyone to know what is behind the paintings, who is behind the paintings.  And be able to see this in one glance, not read 3 years of blog posts to figure it all out. I said so many thoughts....kinda random post.  But you get the idea.  I gave my heart away, and it came back.  And now I'm ready to start again.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 34 computer at school went nuts on Thursday, then my home computer went out.  Someone's trying to tell me something I suppose.

Anyhoo.....week 34 painting is so pretty.  I can't wait to share it with you.  When I get my computer to the doctor and can access the photos again.  For now....I'm just going to go unplugged this week.  I obviously need a break from cyberland.  I'll be back soon!!