Thursday, February 28, 2013

Headed to Birmingham

Sunday my Dad and his wife came over for the day to celebrate Mailey's birthday.   AND to get all the canvases I've painted so far for the upcoming show opening!!  In the 3 boxes there are:  50 canvases, 15 gentle reminder bracelets, 4 fleece throws, 5 art supply rolls, and one copy of Artful Blogging.  Yeah!!!!  I can't wait for Vero to see it all.  It's boxes full of joy.  Boxes full of happy art ready to go home with happy patrons.  It's going to be so GOOD.  The opening that is.  I can't believe all the peeps that are coming.  It's a bit overwhelming.  I can not wait. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 50

Week 50....Lovin' the Journey.  I know this is late getting posted, but between being out of town all week and quite honestly not feeling myself for oh....5 weeks.  It was all I could muster to want to paint.  And that's just not like me.  I don't look like I feel well either.  In fact in one week I lost close to 10 pounds.  And can't seem to get the weight back, despite the number of fries I'm eating (because that's the only thing I want to eat right now).   It's kinda personal what's been going on.  But the overall picture is that one little infection has snowballed into one mysterious ailment. Throughout it all I've learned what I am allergic to (the freakin' hard way) and how much I love my new medical insurance.  They've been patient and kind to me throughout the entire ordeal.  And hopefully by the end of today a final test result will come in and we'll have an answer and a medication!  If not, well then I might just come unscrewed.  Seriously. 

So today we are back to school.  Winter break has come to an end.  I am glad to have the distraction.  I'm glad my polka dots are gone and the pins that were sticking me figuratively have subsided.  Yeah.  I'm going to try running today in hopes that it will get my little soul back in synch.  I've so much to be grateful for right now.  And so much joy happening in my life.  I hate that it's being clouded by illness, I really do. 

So when I painted this above it was honestly a blessing.  It was early before the house was awake. I couldn't sleep, well because of said ailments and allergic reactions.  It was just me and the canvas quietly working.  I thought alot about my year and where I am now verses where I was last year.  So much good has come our way.  Little blessings .....big blessings....big accomplishments....little accomplishments....chapters closed....chapters's all a part of my journey.  A big ginormous exciting journey.  And I wouldn't trade one step.  Because it's gotten me to here.  Now.  The end of my 40th year.

Hopefully I'll have happier things to report later in the week.  But since this blog really is about my 40th year I decided I couldn't leave out this icky part.  It's a part of the journey too.  Alright y then...I suppose I'll be seeing you guys later!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 49

First, I am cracking myself up that I took this on my kitchen counter this morning quick so I could show it to you today and didn't even think about the background having the never ending jelly bean jar and our orange bread tray in it! I could have at least cleaned off the counter right?   It's been raining like 30 hours straight here so I can't do my good will melt in the rain.  No really, the stabilo pencil doesn't do well in the rain!
This painting was something I'd had in my head for a spell.  In getting images ready for Southern Circle Retreats I did a search for Mason Jar coloring pages.   When I printed the above jar I did several sizes of it in case someone wanted to make a small one verses a large one.  When you go to my print page it asks you how many do you want to repeat of the image.  For the smaller size I said 9 times to fill the page.  When it printed out I was like....oooo....I know what I'm going to painting soon!  I added a 4th row to make it a nice even 12. 

Originally I was thinking about filling the hearts kinda like one of the other week canvases (The mine, yours, ours painting)  And then it hit me.  Nope.  Just one heart.  Mine.  Right in the clear jar.  For you.  My sweet readers, friends, artsy comrades.  I knew you where here during the year, but now that the invitations are out and some canvases have already feels strange.  What?  You see, those 52 canvases ended up not being just 52 paintings.  They became a journal of my 40th year.  A personal story that was full of emotion, love, kindness, excitement, adventure, hope, fear, strength, weakness, and more.  In fact, I wish I'd written more about my personal life during the year here in the blog.  Maybe like a punch list or something.  Or a thankful a week thing.  Something more.  It's like I was afraid to reveal too much, but now I see that was a stupid fear.  I should have just laid it ALL out right here.  Heck, I could have made a novel out of it.  I guess this means I just need to start a new year project.  Right?  Haha..

Again, thanks for following the journey.  Three weeks to go.   Three short weeks.

Monday, February 11, 2013

You Can NOW Buy a Canvas!!

The show is just around the corner!!  I am getting so excited.  Especially after a trip to IKEA with my buddy Susan yesterday.  I found the coolest items to add my special touch to for the center of the room artsy treats.  I also have 2 very special projects in the works that are like "Duh..why haven't I made these before!"

But the big news here on the blog is that you can PRE-PURCHASE a canvas!  Yep.  Vero has the online gallery up and ready.  She rocks.  Each canvas is $110.  The shows is running March 15-April 27th.  At that time she'll take all the sold ones down and ship to you.  This is an awesome thing since many of you can not make the opening reception or don't live close enough to see the gallery exhibit. 

Here's the link:  Naked Art Gallery, 52 Canvases

And remember 40% of the sales are going to the Angel House here in Newnan, Georgia.  A  shelter for teen girls. 

I'll be back later in the week with the newest canvas.  It's a favorite.....

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 48

I feel so blessed right now.  In many ways.  Although this is a very hectic week...Billy's out of town.  And boy is our week filled with activities, school play, cotillion, work and practices.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  We are together when we do these things.  And that's what really matters. 

This week I entitled the painting "Taking My Heart Back Home".  As I've really been studying the 52 images so far I see where I was struggling and where I was flourishing.  The funny thing is, I flourish the most when I don't try so darn hard.  When I just have fun and layer the paint.  When I keep it simple.  When I let go and paint another bird despite the fact that everyone and their brother is ALSO painting birds.  So what?  These are my birds.  I don't think to be a successful painter you have to paint everything alike.  Or even in the same genre.  But a common thread of some sort running through your paintings is important.  I think my common thread is getting a tad wonky.  Like when you learn to crochet how it always ends up shaped like a triangle? 

This year has been good for me.  Because it's kind of put it in my face how the thread has gotten a tad wonky.  So I made a list (I make lots of lists in my list book).  And wrote what I like the most about each painting, what catches my eye, what styles are best for me (Because I've got WAY to many techniques in the pot), what subject matter I like the most, etc.  And from there I took it even further and wrote a little about the personal reasons for each style, type, find out once and for all what kind of artist I want to be.  Why do I like the black background verses white?  Why do I paint on wood and not canvas?  Why do rain drops keep popping up in my art?  Yeah....lots of questions for me to answer. 

I imagine artists go through this often.  They get off track because of trends, burn-out or just lack of inspiration.  My problem is the abundance of inspiration, skills and drive to be more.  I've got one too many coal's on the fire as they say.  I've spoken to other artists about this as well.  At some point you just have to say "enough is enough".  I am a painter.  And this is my style.  And I paint......

So hopefully in 4 weeks time I'll have it ALL figured out, right?  hahahahaha....probably not.  But in asking the questions and really looking from the outside in at my work I'll find some hidden answers to who Jenni Horne is as an artist. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 47

This new birdie is making me so happy right now.  In fact, I went out and bought 4'x8' wood to paint a giant version on as soon as I get done typing this.  So gotta go......hope you had a fabulous weekend!!