Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 49

First, I am cracking myself up that I took this on my kitchen counter this morning quick so I could show it to you today and didn't even think about the background having the never ending jelly bean jar and our orange bread tray in it! I could have at least cleaned off the counter right?   It's been raining like 30 hours straight here so I can't do my good shot...it will melt in the rain.  No really, the stabilo pencil doesn't do well in the rain!
This painting was something I'd had in my head for a spell.  In getting images ready for Southern Circle Retreats I did a search for Mason Jar coloring pages.   When I printed the above jar I did several sizes of it in case someone wanted to make a small one verses a large one.  When you go to my print page it asks you how many do you want to repeat of the image.  For the smaller size I said 9 times to fill the page.  When it printed out I was like....oooo....I know what I'm going to painting soon!  I added a 4th row to make it a nice even 12. 

Originally I was thinking about filling the hearts kinda like one of the other week canvases (The mine, yours, ours painting)  And then it hit me.  Nope.  Just one heart.  Mine.  Right in the clear jar.  For you.  My sweet readers, friends, artsy comrades.  I knew you where here during the year, but now that the invitations are out and some canvases have already sold....it feels strange.  What?  You see, those 52 canvases ended up not being just 52 paintings.  They became a journal of my 40th year.  A personal story that was full of emotion, love, kindness, excitement, adventure, hope, fear, strength, weakness, and more.  In fact, I wish I'd written more about my personal life during the year here in the blog.  Maybe like a punch list or something.  Or a thankful a week thing.  Something more.  It's like I was afraid to reveal too much, but now I see that was a stupid fear.  I should have just laid it ALL out right here.  Heck, I could have made a novel out of it.  I guess this means I just need to start a new year project.  Right?  Haha..

Again, thanks for following the journey.  Three weeks to go.   Three short weeks.

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