Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Week 48

I feel so blessed right now.  In many ways.  Although this is a very hectic week...Billy's out of town.  And boy is our week filled with activities, school play, cotillion, work and practices.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.  We are together when we do these things.  And that's what really matters. 

This week I entitled the painting "Taking My Heart Back Home".  As I've really been studying the 52 images so far I see where I was struggling and where I was flourishing.  The funny thing is, I flourish the most when I don't try so darn hard.  When I just have fun and layer the paint.  When I keep it simple.  When I let go and paint another bird despite the fact that everyone and their brother is ALSO painting birds.  So what?  These are my birds.  I don't think to be a successful painter you have to paint everything alike.  Or even in the same genre.  But a common thread of some sort running through your paintings is important.  I think my common thread is getting a tad wonky.  Like when you learn to crochet how it always ends up shaped like a triangle? 

This year has been good for me.  Because it's kind of put it in my face how the thread has gotten a tad wonky.  So I made a list (I make lots of lists in my list book).  And wrote what I like the most about each painting, what catches my eye, what styles are best for me (Because I've got WAY to many techniques in the pot), what subject matter I like the most, etc.  And from there I took it even further and wrote a little about the personal reasons for each style, type, etc.....to find out once and for all what kind of artist I want to be.  Why do I like the black background verses white?  Why do I paint on wood and not canvas?  Why do rain drops keep popping up in my art?  Yeah....lots of questions for me to answer. 

I imagine artists go through this often.  They get off track because of trends, burn-out or just lack of inspiration.  My problem is the abundance of inspiration, skills and drive to be more.  I've got one too many coal's on the fire as they say.  I've spoken to other artists about this as well.  At some point you just have to say "enough is enough".  I am a painter.  And this is my style.  And I paint......

So hopefully in 4 weeks time I'll have it ALL figured out, right?  hahahahaha....probably not.  But in asking the questions and really looking from the outside in at my work I'll find some hidden answers to who Jenni Horne is as an artist. 


  1. I think a lot of techniques keeps us from getting bored with just one. Its not necessarily a bad thing. I still admire this goal of yours, whatever the heck you learn from it. Your work is inspirational and fun and its enjoyable, to us as well as you. So do what makes you happy whether its one technique or 100!

  2. I think your technique and style definitely shows up in this series! I struggle with the same problem. Too many ideas and love of different media that has me all over the place. Love the canvas series and good luck with the sale! I'm sure you will sell all of them!