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I know for a fact that giving back can lead to a life richer beyond what one can imagine.   Seriously.  On a very personal note, our family has hit rock bottom in the financial department.  Yep.  Not a very proud moment.  But once we hit that bottom we realized that priorities had to be laid, and one priority was giving back from what we received.  And I do not mean of just my time and talents.  Because that last prong....the one about the HARD as it was to give at first, once we started, we could not stop.  Billy and I are a true testament that giving with a whole heart (yes one giant puffy heart will do) will provide in abundance compared to what you really need.  We have been truly blessed through our whole hearted giving.  So when this idea came to mind I knew without a doubt I did not want to make money from this endeavor, that it was a way to give of my time, talents and money!  A three prong give...with my whole heart....well, it's just dreamy.

I've chosen this organization as the recipient of my portion of the shows sales:


Our History

The Angel’s House began as a group of neighbors who got together and decided to donate their Christmas money to help the needy. The first Christmas they raised $700 to buy presents for children in need. Within three years they were collecting between $8,000 and $10,000 annually and the Christmas fund became a year-round humanitarian fund used to help children in foster care with extras like piano lessons and coats, in addition to presents.

In October 2000, the shortage of foster homes became so bad that social workers were having to camp out at the County Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) with foster children when homes couldn’t be found for them. DFCS contacted this group of neighbors who were already collecting money for foster children and asked for help. The neighborhood group quickly got together and fixed up a temporary room at the local men’s shelter for the children, but soon determined that this was only a “quick fix” solution and would only help a limited number of children on a temporary basis. They decided the only thing that would truly help was an emergency shelter for children in our county.

The neighborhood group became The Newnan Coweta Children’s Shelter. They soon found that this project was even greater than they had imagined. After visiting other shelters and finding what facilities the children would need, they discovered it would take a million dollars to build the new shelter and to start up the program. Even though they knew this was a larger project than they realized at first, they believed the need was so great that they had to ask the whole community to join in their efforts to give to these children the emergency home for which they are so desperate.

Angel’s House opened it’s door to children on June 21, 2004.  Currently licensed to accommodate a maximum of  ten children, there have been from 6 to 10 children who have been residents since it opened its doors. Some only stay temporarily and are later placed with relatives, but an average of seven children live at Angel’s House on a daily basis.

Angel’s House runs just like a home with the group leaders acting as house parents. It is heartwarming place to go with the smell of delicious meals being prepared and children playing in the game room, interacting with each other and doing homework.

Feel free to visit their website to learn more about what this shelter does for our community.

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