Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A 41st Portrait

Well this is me.  Age 41.  Not too bad.  I need to purchase some eye cream.  And I think my nose has grown since last year.  Yeah.  Definitely it has.  I've so much I want to do in this coming year.  It's a tad exciting.  Potential is out there just waiting for me to discover it.  I also intend to step back from this crazy art life a little and refocus my energy.  It's nice to be able to admit that right now.  I've decided the need to succeed has a new definition.  And success for my soul right now is maintaining a happy home life.  A balanced home life.  One that allows opportunities for art making, but not letting the making consume my view of what success truly is.  I find right now I am most happy teaching, coming home and tending to my family.  Carving out creative time in the quiet hours on Saturdays and Sunday mornings when all are still asleep.  Not rushing into the "I have to get this done" mentality I am so drawn to.  Instead I am trying to direct my energy into a more well-rounded view of home, art, teaching and self-nurturing.  It shows.  In my eyes I see that rest is needed.  After finally being diagnosed and almost getting well.....I am ready to unearth my sparkle again.  Years of doing too much have taken a toll on my entire being.  The photo above reveals so much to me.   
Hello 41.  It's nice to see you.  Now let's see where this year will take us.

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