Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 51 and 52

I was reminded by a sweet follower that I'd not showed you the last 2 paintings.  Tisk...tisk on me!  So here they are.  I am loving this new direction....you know how I love a willow tree.  And hearts.  So together, swoon.....

And number 52, well it says it all in the wreath on top of a giant heart above.  "This is where my story began".  It did. 

As a child I was always drawn to art.  Always.  I was pushed into music because, well I was good at it.  Piano, singing, chorus, show choir, dance lessons, musicals...you name it I did it in regards to being on a stage.  But quite honestly I was jealous of the "goth" kids in the art classes.  Their room was in the creepy deep dark depths of my high school.  Creepy meaning where you'd open a closet and the basement dirt was right in your face smelling like, well, smelly dirt and possibly dead bodies.  Each year the art department hosted an art sale.  I bought art from them, much to the snubs of my friends.  I was drawn to it.  The lines, the texture, the talent.  Yep.  I knew deep inside I was an artist too and that one day I would find a way to express myself.

Fast forward some uh....well you KNOW my age, 22 years and I am now an artist.  Oh geesh it feels good to say that.  One friend at the show who was one of those cool "goth" kids in the art room was at the opening this weekend and said this to me, "Mary Elizabeth and I were talking the other day (both went to HS with me and now both work in the public library where we grew up) and she said to me, did you know this about Jenni?  That she was an artist?  Why no, I did not."  And then I cracked up and told her I was jealous of she and the goth kids in the art room!  She got a giggle out of it too.  Because no, I did not pick up a brush or pen until my freshman year of college.  And that is where my story began.  I had one giant heart for being an artist, and despite being the worst one in the class with the least skill set, I tried my best and gave it my all.  And look at me now.  Yeah.  Sometimes having a big heart for what you want to do can make things happen in magical ways.  It might take 22 years, but nonetheless it can happen.  So the moral to the story here is, if ya want it, then the only thing holding you back is you.  Because I have found that the answer to a question never asked is always NO.  And well, I am not that keen on no.  Just ask my family.  hehehe...

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  1. Thank you for finishing the end of the year for us! They are both pretty darned awesome! Again, thanks for taking us down the road with you this year. Have a great 41st year and many more to come!