Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Done.

This is me and sweet Vero, the owner of Naked Art Gallery.  Without her, I'd not be where I am today in this little art journey.  She was the first gallery to believe in me.  And look now where I am.

The show was a HUGE success.  I can't really talk about it without getting a tad cloudy eyed.  19 of 52 canvases found homes.  Which means $760 is going to the Angel House.  I am so grateful to all who came.  All who supported.  All who bought before the show even opened!

I've so many photos to share, but it might be the end of the week before I do.  I didn't want the week to start without saying I did it.  And it's over.  And that I'm a little sad.  But I'm also seriously ready to start the next chapter of my artsy life. 

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