Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 16

Mine, Yours and Ours.  One in mine, one in yours and a whole heaping full in ours.  Just the way it's supposed to be.  When you share your heart it tends to mulitply.    Especially if you keep it in a glass jar for everyone to see, nurture, nourish and care for.  I do alot of that here on my blog....put my heart out there.  Actually I kind of take it everywhere out in the open.  Suppose my paintings reflect that.  Little happy paintings...scattering joy everywhere they go.  Sigh....I love my life.  And my jar of hearts.  Thanks for putting yours in.  And joining me here. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Week 16

Week've been fun.  William is at the beach with the Palmer's.  Mailey has loved being an only child.  And yes, we totally did the GDO yesterday complete with Waffle House waffles, toenail painting, Southern Living Design House tour, vintage shopping and lunch at Founders.  Lovely day!!  The other days have been filled with getting me back into running and studio time.  I am a busy bee getting ready for the Revival of Vintage Marketplace this weekend.  Very exciting to be doing a new show.  I can not wait to set up the vignettes with my vintage finds and artwork.  And pillows, and mini yarn wreaths and totes and more!!  Going to be great.

I have been painting too.  Just one.  #17.  I didn't paint anything new for the show this weekend.  I was too busy making other new stuff!  But 17 is sweet.  Not done, but sweet.  We are headed to the pool, then gotta load the van and truck and THEN I will finish the painting.  Because starting at 9am tomorrow until Sunday night my world will be SHOWTIME!  Man I love shows.  Although my semi-retirement is a good thing.  Yeah, this is it until May for me.  Sigh.  Monday I'll remember again why I am taking a break.  But right now is the fun part!
 Mailey snuck down and got this photo of me working.   She freaks me out with her stealth sneak-ups on me in the studio.  It's like a game to her to get down the stairs and into my space without being noticed and then freak me out!   I look so serious...when you see the subject you'll wonder why I was so serious.  Anyhoo....see ya back soon with #17 finished!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Canvas 15

I think it's vitally important to listen to the whispers as well as the shouts.  Being sick this week I was really in tuned to my inner whispers.  Those ideas that percolate in my heart and make my sleep quite restless.  You see, I can compose the most amazing stories and ideas just in my head.  I often wish there was a recorder in there to capture all my ideas in their purest form.  Because although I try hard to get them out and into action, some of the magic is lost in translation.  Some people call it daydreams, others call it talking to themselves.  I call it whispers

Do you whisper to yourself?  Do you have dreams and desires you want heard, but not?  Afraid they'll be ridiculed?  Afraid they won't come true?  Afraid they will come true?  I say embrace the whispers and every once in awhile, share them.  You never know when that whisper will come true.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 15

Oh Graham....I wish I could sleep my days away like you.  Well, not really.  After 2 days of the "Mexican Water Hex"....I was itching to get back to work.  My body is still in a bit of shock at what happened to it.  So although I am moving slower, my heart is rested and my mind is ready to create...create!  Yep, folks.  I bragged about getting through my first year full-time teaching and missing the bullet when strep throat wiped out 2nd grade.  When the stomach bug had Mrs. Alice running daily with her mop and bucket, I stayed strong.  Yep.  I didn't miss one day of school because I was sick.  I made it through until Monday.  And then I really want to forget that those days ever happened in my life.  Forever.
Tuesday night I did manage to muster the strength to get down to the studio for an hour and craft a new idea.  But to way.
Last night however, I was totally inspired and got straight away to work after eating dinner (First time in 3 days mind you.  I lost 6 pounds in 2.5 days.  Like I said, I want to forget these days ever happened!!).  I was flipping through my sketches and found this word.  And the painting was born.....
 The color scheme flowed effortlessly as well.  I really wanted to focus the painting on warm colors.
So almost done.   I just need to let it dry and then wipe away the chalk lines.  Touch ups and some collage and all will be done on #15!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 14

Last  night I buckled down and got the painting out of my head and onto the canvas.  As planned.  It started like this:

 And then the cool colors where added...of course.  My favorite to paint with by far.
 Of course a few warm one wants a blue heart now do they?
And then I took a run.  A nice long run while the paint dried before adding collage.  It felt so good to just be me, hitting the pavement.  I always listen to Pandora while running.  And last night's selection was perfect.  I was getting around the 2 mile marker when it hit me....holy tamoly it's my friend's Birthday!  Of course I'd already texted to say Happy Day....but what I was overwhelmed with was the fact that it was her day.  And that I'd painted this particular painting on her day.  You make a long story short, when I started this journey she asked about pre-purchasing a painting along the way.  I said I'd ask Vero.  But why?  She wanted to buy the painting done the week of her birthday.  Symbolically it would mean a lot to her.  And holy cheese cracker I'd painted one ON her day.  And then while running I got all teary.  I've become a widdle obsessed with my running and maintaining certain mile/min ratios.  Let me tell ya, tears and running do NOT get along.  So why so teary?  It's just birthday...just a painting. 

I don't know how to really explain this.  But I feel very passionately about the friends I am closest too.  I internalize all their fears, pain, joys, successes, and love.  These people know this about me, and sometimes they shelter me from the pains.  It was 2 years ago to date that such a pain was rested in her heart.....and to see how far she has come and to see how much she has grown....well danged if I can hardly write now for the tears.  It makes my heart very full knowing that I have people like this in my life.  That I can feel complete and utter joyful tears for.  Without them even knowing it.  And this little clear glass jar is FULL of hearts for her.  To use when she needs, to share, and to nurture.  Always, always keeping your heart close is important.  But just as important is to know when to share it.  When to let others nurture it. 

So this is for her, and all my friends that I hold so dear.  Your friendships mean the world to me.  And more than anything your strengths keep me strong.   Your patience keeps me calm.  And your cheers keep me moving forward.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 14

Behind the scenes this week I am actually taking you to another STATE!  Woohoo!!  The beautiful state of Alabama.  My home state.  Yep.  Alabama.  Do not make a southern twang with it please.  Seriously.  Despite what many have seen on television not all Southerners sound like we are from the backwoods of Kentucky.  Although Bachelorette Emily is so stinkin' cute with her little accent.  Rather, I grew up in Birmingham.  A metro city that prides itself on a less twangy accent.  In fact, you immediately knew if someone lived outside the city limits because they did indeed have the twang.  I didn't get it... why they got the twang.   Like it was a disease or something and we didn't get it inside the city lines....and then I moved to the Atlanta suburbs.  And was slapped with the twang.  Yep.  Like a disease it 'twas.  I don't think mine is too bad.  But my Birmingham peeps really like picking on my new dialect.  humpf. 

In Alabama I have family still living in parts and yonders.  My Dad for instance takes up a dual residence in the booming metro city of Harpersville (kidding that little city, but it is far from booming) and at the Lake.  Logan Martin Lake that is.  And that folks, is where I ran away to this week.  I posted on facebook this, "I've run away from home.  Took the kids and my bathing suit."  You don't really need much else where we were headed. (Ok.  In Alabama we DO brush our teeth with toothbrushes, not hay.  So I also packed that you jokers.)
And as you can see, a good time was had by all on the partay barge!  Yes, I am one cool Momma.  And under that life vest is a strapless bikini.  Holy cheese cracker....I was hoping it was still there when I got off the ride! 
 Our boat captain...AKA Pawpaw Adkins....AKA Dad.  Yeah.  I got his nose.  And chin. 
 Little peanut below I think would sleep in the dang tube if we'd let her!  She's been riding it since she was 3.  If only I could get them to ski.  They are chickin little's about it!
Why smiling so BIG William??  Because he found out that you only have to be 12 to drive the boat.  Oh yeah.  He was one cool kid.  Momma was pretty excited too.  Dad let her drive too.  First time ever!  I did not loose any hubcaps nor run over any curves.  High five here!
 All right...all right.  Enough with the family pictures right?  Where's the behind the scenes you ask?  Ummmm...Well you see......I kind of played hooky from art this week.  ekkkkk!!  I didn't take my IPAD or laptop with me either!  It was nice.  BUT I do have that number 14 looming on the desk.  And suppose I should get to it about now.  It is Sunday night.  It's just a blank black canvas right now.  I did however take some super photos that will be making their way onto a canvas sooner than later!  See:

So I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow with a photo of what I finish up tonight.  I've got an idea brewing.  Just gotta get motivated!  I still feel the boat rocking under me.    And thinking a porch nap is in order.  See ya later!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 13

This painting was what I worked on during the PSW workshops.  It was my sample piece.  It got lots of paint.  Lots. 

Oh a Jeep.....we are a total geeky Jeep family.  There's always at least one in the driveway.  I am pretty sure every member of our family has a Jeep of some kind right  Molly has an older model Jeep wrangler, Mom a Jeep Liberty, Dad has an 56' Jeep Willis truck (the painting is of this one) and an army Willis.  And if ya extend the family a bit....Chan has a Jeep wrangler and his soon to be bride has a Jeep Cherokee!!  We should totally be in a Jeep commercial!  Right??  Jeep brings back so many amazing memories for me.  Especially in college.  We'd take it hard core trail riding with Planet X a favorite.  Any of you remember that who went to Auburn?  I am pretty sure what sits on that land now is a tractor supply store.  I'd pile my bike into the back and off we'd go to Yielding Lake to shoot skeet and camp.  Freckles, our sweet English setter, loved to hang with me in college and especially ride in the Jeep.  Always an adventure!  When it was hot, the top was always off that thing.  No AC in the south is brutal!   In case you are wondering, yes...I was a total Birkenstock, North Face wearing granola girl back in those days.  (which is hilarious since I was also a blonde Phi Mu!!)  Haha...

So my personal Jeep love started after my first car (banana yellow Beemer) was traded in.  I got a candy apple red Jeep CJ7 at age 17.   Now prior to my being 16 we always had a Jeep of some sort.  From Jeep truck, Cherokee or Wrangler type.   Talk about thinking I was hot stuff though in the CJ7...oh yeah.  It had a soft top and doors so when the top came off in the summer it was bare down to the doors.  I loved that Jeep.  In college I got a newer model.  It was "safer"....again candy apple red with a black soft top.  But in the newer models the doors where hard.  In fact, when Billy and I met he also had a red Jeep, but with a white top.   We got rid of both ours once we had the Atlanta commuting jobs.  We kind of kick ourselves for not hanging on to at least one.  You just don't think about sentimental crap like that when you are new and married and thinking insurance on 3 cars!  Alas.....we now have a newer model in the driveway.  It's this gorgeous blue.  But hard top so the Atlanta commute isn't too noisy!  Our plan is for William to drive the Wrangler when he turns 16.  We are looking at trading in orange van right now for a Jeep Cherokee.  I flinch at the thought of loosing the orange van's art show abilities....but...have you seen the new Cherokee? It is hot!

One day, I may be painting my own vintage Jeep.  For now, Dad has me covered.  Maybe I should paint the army Willis next?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 13 Behind the Scenes

This week's painting was a special see it was my sample painting for the Paint Something Workshop!   Yep.  This morning I am feeling a little run over.  Like after a show pooped.  But after 19 contact hours of teaching, its a wonder!!
So there will be much more about the weekend workshop on the Jenni Horne Studios blog, but here's a sneaky peek.
Above was the Friday day group.  I am still a bit humbled by the entire experience.  That these people would want to come and paint, in my studio.  It's a really cool feeling.  Everyone was super excited and worked very well together.  All the artwork turned out amazing as well!  Which, well, that made me very puffy heart!!
 So here's the Jeep for week 13 in the works.  I painted, and painted on the darn thing.  And finally It's done!  I just have to get a final photo of it.  I hope you had a creative weekend as well!!  And be sure to stop back by for the finished photo!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 12

Hmm...let's see.....where have I been this week?  Oh yeah.  Here:

Yes, having a rather nice space to create allows me the wonderful opportunity to spread out.  I am so not complaining or whining.  However, it gets to the point where I can not make room for creativity because the mess is too much.  But the good side to this is that it allows me the opportunity to clean it up, clean it out and find treasures I'd forgotten I'd bought!  Woohoo box of clay sculptures I'd forgotten about!  So it took literally 3 days.  Holy tamoly....3 days.  Because you see the above photo is just my "pretty" studio side.  I've pretty much taken over the entire basement.  That's right....well no one else seemed to need any part of the basement.  Well, except Graham Cracker.

So here I am below cleaning....I shoulda taken a before photo of the table.  Holy cheese cracker!  It was bad.  I found lemon jelly beans in my muffin tin paint holder from a month ago....I was SO not saving them for a rainy day.  Even Lily won't eat that flavor.
And then like's clean!!!  And ready for the Paint Something workshop next weekend.  Yah.

And then I remembered week 12!!  So, I piled the supplies up I needed and sat myself on the porch because for some crazy reason the south decided to bring a cool day our way.  Like 70's cool.  That is unheard of in Georgia in June.  Its lovely out here.   

What's a girl to paint on a cool summer Georgia day?   A little nest of course, with two little eggs.  Heart shaped no less.  Because that's what I've got a summer full of.  Little blessings with little hearts.  And I really look forward to nurturing them.