Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 14

Last  night I buckled down and got the painting out of my head and onto the canvas.  As planned.  It started like this:

 And then the cool colors where added...of course.  My favorite to paint with by far.
 Of course a few warm one wants a blue heart now do they?
And then I took a run.  A nice long run while the paint dried before adding collage.  It felt so good to just be me, hitting the pavement.  I always listen to Pandora while running.  And last night's selection was perfect.  I was getting around the 2 mile marker when it hit me....holy tamoly it's my friend's Birthday!  Of course I'd already texted to say Happy Day....but what I was overwhelmed with was the fact that it was her day.  And that I'd painted this particular painting on her day.  You make a long story short, when I started this journey she asked about pre-purchasing a painting along the way.  I said I'd ask Vero.  But why?  She wanted to buy the painting done the week of her birthday.  Symbolically it would mean a lot to her.  And holy cheese cracker I'd painted one ON her day.  And then while running I got all teary.  I've become a widdle obsessed with my running and maintaining certain mile/min ratios.  Let me tell ya, tears and running do NOT get along.  So why so teary?  It's just birthday...just a painting. 

I don't know how to really explain this.  But I feel very passionately about the friends I am closest too.  I internalize all their fears, pain, joys, successes, and love.  These people know this about me, and sometimes they shelter me from the pains.  It was 2 years ago to date that such a pain was rested in her heart.....and to see how far she has come and to see how much she has grown....well danged if I can hardly write now for the tears.  It makes my heart very full knowing that I have people like this in my life.  That I can feel complete and utter joyful tears for.  Without them even knowing it.  And this little clear glass jar is FULL of hearts for her.  To use when she needs, to share, and to nurture.  Always, always keeping your heart close is important.  But just as important is to know when to share it.  When to let others nurture it. 

So this is for her, and all my friends that I hold so dear.  Your friendships mean the world to me.  And more than anything your strengths keep me strong.   Your patience keeps me calm.  And your cheers keep me moving forward.  Thank you.  Thank you.


  1. Beautiful. The story and the painting! May I ask how you remove the chalk lines? Do you paint over them?

    1. I remove them with a baby wipe. Yep.

  2. I totally get that! Made me tear up;D