Sunday, June 17, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 14

Behind the scenes this week I am actually taking you to another STATE!  Woohoo!!  The beautiful state of Alabama.  My home state.  Yep.  Alabama.  Do not make a southern twang with it please.  Seriously.  Despite what many have seen on television not all Southerners sound like we are from the backwoods of Kentucky.  Although Bachelorette Emily is so stinkin' cute with her little accent.  Rather, I grew up in Birmingham.  A metro city that prides itself on a less twangy accent.  In fact, you immediately knew if someone lived outside the city limits because they did indeed have the twang.  I didn't get it... why they got the twang.   Like it was a disease or something and we didn't get it inside the city lines....and then I moved to the Atlanta suburbs.  And was slapped with the twang.  Yep.  Like a disease it 'twas.  I don't think mine is too bad.  But my Birmingham peeps really like picking on my new dialect.  humpf. 

In Alabama I have family still living in parts and yonders.  My Dad for instance takes up a dual residence in the booming metro city of Harpersville (kidding that little city, but it is far from booming) and at the Lake.  Logan Martin Lake that is.  And that folks, is where I ran away to this week.  I posted on facebook this, "I've run away from home.  Took the kids and my bathing suit."  You don't really need much else where we were headed. (Ok.  In Alabama we DO brush our teeth with toothbrushes, not hay.  So I also packed that you jokers.)
And as you can see, a good time was had by all on the partay barge!  Yes, I am one cool Momma.  And under that life vest is a strapless bikini.  Holy cheese cracker....I was hoping it was still there when I got off the ride! 
 Our boat captain...AKA Pawpaw Adkins....AKA Dad.  Yeah.  I got his nose.  And chin. 
 Little peanut below I think would sleep in the dang tube if we'd let her!  She's been riding it since she was 3.  If only I could get them to ski.  They are chickin little's about it!
Why smiling so BIG William??  Because he found out that you only have to be 12 to drive the boat.  Oh yeah.  He was one cool kid.  Momma was pretty excited too.  Dad let her drive too.  First time ever!  I did not loose any hubcaps nor run over any curves.  High five here!
 All right...all right.  Enough with the family pictures right?  Where's the behind the scenes you ask?  Ummmm...Well you see......I kind of played hooky from art this week.  ekkkkk!!  I didn't take my IPAD or laptop with me either!  It was nice.  BUT I do have that number 14 looming on the desk.  And suppose I should get to it about now.  It is Sunday night.  It's just a blank black canvas right now.  I did however take some super photos that will be making their way onto a canvas sooner than later!  See:

So I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow with a photo of what I finish up tonight.  I've got an idea brewing.  Just gotta get motivated!  I still feel the boat rocking under me.    And thinking a porch nap is in order.  See ya later!

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  1. I just love reading about your southern life - it couldn't be more different from mine!
    Looks like you had fun!