Saturday, June 23, 2012

Canvas 15

I think it's vitally important to listen to the whispers as well as the shouts.  Being sick this week I was really in tuned to my inner whispers.  Those ideas that percolate in my heart and make my sleep quite restless.  You see, I can compose the most amazing stories and ideas just in my head.  I often wish there was a recorder in there to capture all my ideas in their purest form.  Because although I try hard to get them out and into action, some of the magic is lost in translation.  Some people call it daydreams, others call it talking to themselves.  I call it whispers

Do you whisper to yourself?  Do you have dreams and desires you want heard, but not?  Afraid they'll be ridiculed?  Afraid they won't come true?  Afraid they will come true?  I say embrace the whispers and every once in awhile, share them.  You never know when that whisper will come true.

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