Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 13 Behind the Scenes

This week's painting was a special see it was my sample painting for the Paint Something Workshop!   Yep.  This morning I am feeling a little run over.  Like after a show pooped.  But after 19 contact hours of teaching, its a wonder!!
So there will be much more about the weekend workshop on the Jenni Horne Studios blog, but here's a sneaky peek.
Above was the Friday day group.  I am still a bit humbled by the entire experience.  That these people would want to come and paint, in my studio.  It's a really cool feeling.  Everyone was super excited and worked very well together.  All the artwork turned out amazing as well!  Which, well, that made me very puffy heart!!
 So here's the Jeep for week 13 in the works.  I painted, and painted on the darn thing.  And finally It's done!  I just have to get a final photo of it.  I hope you had a creative weekend as well!!  And be sure to stop back by for the finished photo!!

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