Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 12

Hmm...let's see.....where have I been this week?  Oh yeah.  Here:

Yes, having a rather nice space to create allows me the wonderful opportunity to spread out.  I am so not complaining or whining.  However, it gets to the point where I can not make room for creativity because the mess is too much.  But the good side to this is that it allows me the opportunity to clean it up, clean it out and find treasures I'd forgotten I'd bought!  Woohoo box of clay sculptures I'd forgotten about!  So it took literally 3 days.  Holy tamoly....3 days.  Because you see the above photo is just my "pretty" studio side.  I've pretty much taken over the entire basement.  That's right....well no one else seemed to need any part of the basement.  Well, except Graham Cracker.

So here I am below cleaning....I shoulda taken a before photo of the table.  Holy cheese cracker!  It was bad.  I found lemon jelly beans in my muffin tin paint holder from a month ago....I was SO not saving them for a rainy day.  Even Lily won't eat that flavor.
And then like's clean!!!  And ready for the Paint Something workshop next weekend.  Yah.

And then I remembered week 12!!  So, I piled the supplies up I needed and sat myself on the porch because for some crazy reason the south decided to bring a cool day our way.  Like 70's cool.  That is unheard of in Georgia in June.  Its lovely out here.   

What's a girl to paint on a cool summer Georgia day?   A little nest of course, with two little eggs.  Heart shaped no less.  Because that's what I've got a summer full of.  Little blessings with little hearts.  And I really look forward to nurturing them.

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