Friday, May 25, 2012

Canvas 11

Summer is here in Georgia.  I can not wait to enjoy it.  In fact, I've been like a pregnant Momma in the last tri-mester getting the house ready for summer.  Projects on the to-do list are trickling down.  Which is a very good thing. My one trip to Wal-mart a year was last night where we bought:  6 flavors for the icee maker last night, bug spray, sunscreen, new goggles, Skip-bo and popcorn.  We are set.  I keep being asked, "What are you planning to do this summer?"  I reply....nothing.  Well, that is a little stretch in the truth.  There will be 2 beach trips, plenty of lake time, art camps, baseball and pool time.  But truthfully I'd rather not even leave my house.  My beautiful, new, perfect house.  Ahhh....summer I love you so.


  1. The pinwheels turned out perfectly!
    Enjoy the summer, there is nothing nicer then staying at home in my opinion!

  2. LOVE the pin wheels! LOVE LOVE LOVE summer. Ahhhhhhh.
    Enjoy every single second as I know you will.