Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Behind the Scenes

The beauty sometimes of knowing the behind the scenes of your own blog is pre-posting.  Yes, it is a beautiful thing.  Do ya know how to use it?  So here's the deal.  I painted #8 on Sunday.  I knew what laid ahead for this week.  And well, as the story went I got the down and outs and didn't finish #8 on Sunday as planned.  I am a planner and a list maker.  And not being able to check that off the list ticked me off.  No doubt.  And messed with my postings for the week.  But alas.....I am actually typing this on Monday.  Because...well.....I'm not home right now.  Nope!  Shhhhh....I'll tell you about it when I get back.  Nothing to do with art.  NOTHING.  Well, I do plan to look my new books over on the 4 hour plane ride. 

Nevertheless, I did end up finishing #8.  And am OKwith it.  I realized in the other painting I made a complete rainbow around the clouds and painted raindrops.  Guess I shoulda had the inspiration around me while working.  Really, no two paintings should be exactly alike either. 2 I was back outside but on the eating side of the porch at the table on the art stool.  And no TV.   And my favorite collaging tools.  Because I felt the need to cut and glue something.

Oh and here are a few close-ups of my go-to tools.  A black Stabilo pencil and good sharpener.  Because they need sharpening often.
My I-phone with music.  Oh how I love music.  Christina Perri is inspiring the heck out of me lately.  Don't know her?  Then I strongly suggest you leave this page and head on over to I-Tunes.  Yep.
 Vintage trinkets can bring a simple painting into vavava..vroom painting!  I tell no lie.
And the right collage paper can make you clap your hands over your head and perhaps break out in a dance.  My favorite coveted papers ever??  Amy Butler.  Of course.  She is my biggest artist crush ever ever.  Like if I ever got to meet her in person I'll surely faint.  I'd have the same reaction if I met Luke Skywalker too.  In case you wanted to know that stuff about me.
So it's getting there.....once you see the final result you'll see I'm really getting back to my old tricks.  Which may or may not involve words....
So I guess I'll be back with canvas #8 on Saturday.  That's when it's scheduled anyways.  I'll be a few time zones over....but plan to check on things here.  Let me know whatcha think!!

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