Saturday, May 5, 2012

Canvas #8

So here it is!!   After two porch sessions and a bunch of soul searching on the meaning of....blah...blah...not really.   I don't do that while painting.  Think much about much that is.  I think that's why I listen to music.  It helps block out my overactive brain and let's it completely relax.  I think this is why I produce so much work.  Because I don't over think it.  Period.  And I don't like to over do it either.
The words I was originally going to stamp onto the canvas.  But then I remembered my old tricks and printed them out instead.  And love it.  The quote comes from the Inspired book I love so much.
I know I keep talking about the new house...But Saturday night I realized how deeply in LOVE with this new house and neighborhood I am when my neighbor asked me to help her get ready for prom.  Prom.  She's a teacher and was chaperoning.  We played in all my shoes and jewelry...her daughter, Mailey, She and I.  We straightened her hair all piled in my bathroom.  We tried on dresses.  It was so fun.  I borrowed tin foil from her for our dinner and she was off.  Saturday was one of those warm and fuzzy nights.   You get those when you allow people you don't really know into your lives and allow the seed to grow.  Because it feels right to.  So above the images are more than just little houses.  It's my community.  Both physical and cyber.  All joined together by a common thread.  And of course built on love.  And the white door means that it is always open.  For you.

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