Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 9...The Bridge

This week I am totally under the spell of the bridge.  Mesmerized by its beauty and abilities.  At night they literally looked like diamond necklace strands.  Truly captivating me.  This probably seems a bit silly to those of you with these daily privileges.  But you see, living inland and suburban we are more likely to see on a daily basis a cow nibbling grass, or better yet the goat grass cutter.  And cross real railroad tracks.  We don't have the magical bridges and cable car tracks.

We made our way while in San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Below is the other one...Oakland Bay I think?  It was outside our hotel.  Gorgeous photo I think, totally untouched!   Anyhoo....I have a little confession.  You'd never guess....the way I dangle on top of ladders all over school hanging artwork up....but I have an extremely unnatural fear of heights.  Yep.  My entire life.
So once we finally got to the bridge I stood at the end and Billy says, "Are we going to cross...we finally made it?"  (It was quite the hilarious jaunt from our hotel to the bridge...involving 2 different cable cars, walking an extraordinary hill OR 2 and a bus ride)  My reply..."of course"  All the while my stomach and head start the lightness and my outer body experience begins.  I made it to the center of the bridge, having to stop several times to take photos of course (and calm myself).  At one point I decided to look up and near about fainted.  Ok.  Note to self.  No more looking up either on a bridge.  One point I stopped and said, "Is this thing swaying??"  Billy replied, "Yes Jenni, it has to bend and move or it will snap."  Deep breath...move forward.  Did I look down?  Of course, had to.  It was with extreme caution and deliberate moves to the edge to look over and I probably looked like some total freakoid doing it.  It was so packed on the bridge with bikers and walkers so there wasn't much time to celebrate my accomplishment of being on the dang bridge.  Once off the bridge my body and soul rejoined and off we went on our next excursion.  Whew. 

I tell you all this because this week, #9 is a painting of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I wanted to remember this little experience of overcoming intense, crazy lady fear of heights.  My family thinks it's funny.  I however do not.  It is an unreal, indescribable with words feeling when it hits me.  I suppose it's pretty good that I can overcome the fear to get from point A to point B.  I don't like missing out on stuff, maybe that's it.  I will say I finally am able to walk near the railing on our second story hallway without getting dizzy.  Yep....I am telling you.  It is an intense fear.  And now that BIG bridge is crossed off the list maybe I can get to Niagara Falls after all.  Maybe.

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