Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 10...

So my friend Jennifer messaged me to call her last night, she had a magic solution to my rather non-responsive I-Phone.  WHEW!!  It's up and running again.  And all my photos are safe.  I do need to figure out the cloud thingy though.  Yep.  Add it to the list.  Which is growing!!  I am in like total freak out crazy momma mode at home.  Cleaning out, throwing away and painting.  Walls that is.  I want to enjoy my summer with some of the looming house projects done when I get out.  So what am I doing?  Burning my candle at both ends.  Itching from the chiggers and tick bites, soaking in long tubs from the over done muscles (running lots of miles...more on that little spark of joy soon).  And planning to paint the basement stairway tonight.  Which, if you read my bridge post about the height fear....well stairs are the #2 fear.  Like queasy I hate going up and down stairs fear.  What is up with me?  Give me a ladder to dance on top of with crazy high heels.  But stairs and bridges make me need a lovely fainting sofa nearby.

Anyhoo...I thought you might enjoy seeing a stair step progression (like that...hardy har har) of this week's painting.  Again, super inspired by the photos I took in San Fransico!  See ya back next week at week 11!

This painting is totally mixed media...a little paint, stabilo pencil, colored pencil, paper, and thinking about a bingo chip too!  I love this one to may be sold already.  To me!

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