Friday, May 11, 2012

Canvas #9...Behind some Deep Dark Scenes

I may or may not have actually asked Lily's opinion about the collage trees.  Yep.  I asked everyone else in the house's opinion so I'm sure she was around for tail wagging favor.  Or maybe she just wanted my Razzles?  Anyhoo, all-time creative low hitting hard this week.  Not sure why the over the top super cool I couldn't wait to paint ideas are not translating onto the canvas.  Hmm....maybe working on multiple canvases at once is the key to my success?  And I jinxed myself with just one?  It could also have something to do with the 10 days left of school with kids that are acting like bouncy balls making my nerves whackanoodle. Oh, and my semi-retirement from art shows partay is this weekend in Dunwoody.  Whatever the reason, this painting may break all the 52 canvas rules and be re-visited at a later date.  When I can mull over the trees idea again.  It was a great idea.  Really.  But alas, the week is ending for me creatively because tomorrow is show day!  And tonight is one of those Mommy being a stretch doll in her really hot go-go boots kinda night.  So this painting, well it's a little more completed than the above photograph.....but not super sure it's done.  I'll share it Monday and see what you think about the trees.  The peanut gallery...aka my family..was not in favor of the trees.  Sigh.

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