Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 10...some thoughts

Wow....10 weeks in.  That's a long time.  To stay focused.  To stay on task.  I'm proud of myself.  Really.  Not that I didn't think I could do this.... but now that I'm in it, well I'm in it.  Make sense?

So here's what I've been thinking about lately.  Where is the art you ask? I-phone has the in progress pics in it.  And of course today it died.  Not sure if it's dead, dead...or battery dead.  And I am just not gonna panic.  Although it has a lot of pictures on it.  That are special.  And supposedly there is a thing called I-Cloud that magically moves things from my things to my other things with apple logos.  Yeah, not sure the magic is working right.  Or that I've even set it up.  User error for sure.  Trying very hard not to blerg.  Yep.  So let's talk about happy stuff why don't we?
-I've got exactly 6 days of school left.  that is worth a giant happy dance!
-just about a month until my 1st Paint Something Workshop....which I am over-the-moon excited about!
-worked in the yard many hours this week the chiggers and tics to prove it.  loving the direction the yard is going.  and the fact that we have golf green grass.  we didn't have grass at the old house.  grass is pretty.
-Lily is snoring on me right now as I type.  I just love her to pieces.  I think she's ready for me to be off school too.
-the club pool opens Saturday.  now, my white legs are not thrilled, but heck my heart is!!!  slushie time!!!
-made 3 piles in the basement Tuesday yard sale pile, one Bone Yard booth pile and one keep pile.  I love that the keep pile is getting smaller.
-my last art show until November was this past weekend. I am so glad to have the break.  Well, I guess there is the one in June, but it's gonna be more of an antique show.  More details soon on that!

And lastly, I'm just so glad to have such sweet friends who are following me on this little journey.  At the show this weekend I was reminded of how special this little artsy life of mine is.  How cool it was to see familiar faces.  How very fortunate I am to have been given the gifts to use my hands in a way that touch so many.  Yep.  I know how lucky I am and can not wait to continue along this path and hopefully inspire you to start making your own creative marks.


  1. Hi, i'm so glad that the show went well for you (apart from the rain!)
    I really wish I could join your paint something class - but in the mean time i'll keep reading your posts and enjoy them! I love the fact that the weather is warm where you live, gardening and pools - we're a long way off that yet!

  2. Very excited about the PSW June 9th! Please let me know if you received my check. Keep those piles handy - your PSW folks may want to shop! :)