Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week 11...Behind the Scenes

I am often asked "where do you get ideas to paint?"  Well, good question.  Many times it just flows right out onto the canvas.  And although I do keep a sketchbook, it is literally just for doodling.  When I feel like doodling that is.  It's all about timing for me with this type of creativity.  I don't like to draw out anything completely because something always gets lost in the translation.  My compositions seem to work better being more spontaneous in nature.  

The fabulous thing about the sketchbook though is that if ever I am stumped for an idea, there's a slew of tiny springboards to choose from.  I love opening the sketchbook up and finding little compositions yet to come to life.   And this week was one of those weeks....what to paint....what to paint.  I have just one too many ideas in my head. And just one painting to finish.  This week.  So I opened the book to find where I had tried to figure out how to draw a pinwheel.  It was hilarious what a time I had figuring this simple line drawing out to look correct!  Like many of my painting subjects, pinwheels have been on my "to paint" list for awhile (Popsicles are next btw).  There is something I love about this toy...maybe it's the nostalgic point of view and what it represents to childhood....maybe it's that they are always amazingly bright and colorful.  There are many reasons why I am drawn to them though, and yet drawing them posed the challenge.

Well, eventually I got it figured out.  I bought one.  That helped.  And now this little composition is on its' way.  I intend to use collage for the rest of the painting.  Now to choose the papers...that's gonna be fun!!


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