Monday, April 30, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 8

Once again I moved the studio back outside!  Whoop! Whoop! Of course by Sunday afternoon it was hot as blue blazes and I had to stop, but it was good while it lasted.  We have a TV set up out there so this time I watched a movie while working.  I never ever do that.  Ever.  Well, maybe that's because there's no TV in the real studio at this house..and come to think of it I didn't at the old house either.  I watched with my trusty 4-legged companions Double Jeopardy.  Man, that is such a good movie!  Isn't it weird that Ashley Judd has moved to TV?  Must be the new "in" thing to do. 
I was pleasantly surprised this week by my Amazon pre-orders.  Flora Bowley's book and Sabrina Ward Harrison's new one!   I placed them on the table with me in hopes that somehow by osmosis their talents would inspire me!   I love, love, love to buy art books.  Especially written by artists I admire.  I'm not saying I want to paint like them, but as an artist I love to know how they are motivated to paint, what inspires them, what their studio is like, etc...It is magical to me that each of us creates such unique works of art!  The creativity of others amazes me beyond words.  I can get lost in it sometimes.  I've not opened the books yet.  I'm saving them for a special plane ride.  shhh.....
This week's painting was inspired by one I painted for an upcoming show last week.  I just loved it so much with the rainbow cloud.  But this one wasn't quite right.  I kept painting over areas and getting flustered.  I rarely get flustered but realized that this set-up, the low coffee table and the weird stool were awkward and uncomfy.  And like I said, I never watch movies.  Love music, but no TV.  In fact I am anti-TV most of the time.  So perhaps that was what was making me off.  And also....well my son and husband were at the ball field.  I'd opted to stay home for the 1st game of the day because honestly I just wanted quiet.  It's selfish I know, but I did.  And honestly lately his team has won both games on Saturday and then lost the first on Sunday and are home by lunch.  So why would this day be any different?  Wishful thinking MOM.  Instead his team went on to play to the Championship game and win!  And William hit 2 homerun balls.  Geesh.  Seriously?  So, I was feeling a tad sorry for myself as well.  So painting and feeling pitful do not mix in my chapter book.  At all.

So what did I do?  Went shopping.  Yeah.  At Michael's for my upcoming Paint Something Workshops I found brush sets, fun pencils and awesome orange metal trays for our food.  Yeah!  Then at TJ Maxx I found some random things.  It was productive anyways.  And I was by myself.  All day.  I know.  Never happens.   William just laughed that I missed his homeruns streak...again.  I do miss games because of art shows.  Never because I selfishly wanted a day at home alone (of course there is the theory that had I been there they'd have sucked.).  Oh and where was Mailey you ask?  With her Nana all day.  Bonding.  I think Mom knew I needed a day off too.
Oh, and here's sweet Ellie who laid quietly behind me basking in the afternoon sun.  Oh to be able to lounge in the sun all day.  Soon.....very soon.  Do you know we have only 19 days of school left.  Holy tamoly is right!!  Oh summer.  You will be so welcome into this home.

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