Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Bricks

As a child I loved Legos.  If you read my regular blog you probably already know this about me.  I've always loved constructing things.  In fact, I think my strength is in looking at something 2-D then creating it 3-D.  Now drawing something to look 3-D?  Not so much.  This why I lean on my "whimsical" crutch and create work that is silly, fun, and magical.  Yep.  I said it.  I think my work is magical.  And right now it has a ton to do with the bricks above.  They are bringing out something very new and exciting in my work.  I said over on my studio blog that I've used up all my encaustic canvases (20)  and was going to get out the acrylics.  Well, instead I just bought more canvases.  And I have 49 of the weekly canvases to go (OK, yes I could use some of those because I could buy more but I have this freaky idea that I need to leave those be and use them one a week like the plan.  Perhaps I am a rule follower?  Perhaps I need to work on that.).  So I am thinking this medium is going to stick around a spell longer.  And keep working on the magic.


  1. Hi Jenni - I know a magician never reveals her secret but could you explain or show us a little bit more about the encaustic process? I love your final results and I'm curious to know more about how to work with that particular process. I'm a designer by trade and a closet fine artist. It's been a long time since a hands-on process felt enticing enough to make me want to get my hands dirty. :) Thank you for sparking my interest!!

  2. I love it all! These paintings have been so beautiful! The textures and mixtures of color are AMAZING!! Would you ever do an e-course on this??