Friday, April 6, 2012

Canvas #4

Moving right along during my Spring Break.  We snuck away a few days where I did nothing(bet ya didn't see that coming.  Me sneak away AND do nothing in one week?  WOW.  No, pigs are not flying right now). 

N-o-t-h-i-n-g.  No really.  I took jewelry to put together and never got it out of the Jeep.  Well, I suppose nothing is a small lie.  I worked on a sunburn.  Drank wine with my Daddy on the porch at the lake.  Watched the sunset.  Watched my kids play in the water and catch lots of "fry".  Watched Mailey make serious duck friends.   And thought alot about life and how to move forward.  Yeah, I do that alot.  Think.  Think until it hurts sometimes.  I came back very refreshed and feeling like I have a new purpose.  I'll talk about that later, on the Studio blog.  For now, I did squeak in #4 while working on show paintings.  I am loving this new bird.  And the bottom layers.  Yep.  Now I gotta get back to show work.  See ya later. 

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