Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Disappearing Posts

So....seriously it was an amazing post all about the above painting that just "POOF" disappeared.  In all my years of blogging this has never ever ever ever happened.  So I am pouting a bit.  Because it was such a great post.  And it took me freaking forever to write it.  So, I can't re-create it.  Instead I'm going to sulk about it and move on to this week's painting.  It's Wednesday.  And I've not painted it yet.  It's in my bag to take to school.  I've been painting at lunch lately actually.  It's nice.  Instead of getting lost in cyber world while eating my yummy lunches (I take my lunch everyday now because my thighs were LOVING school lunches a tad too much!) I am now painting.  30 minutes isn't long, but by the end of the week I have one painting done.  If I keep this up it'll be like 4 a month!  Wooohooo!!  And besides, the kids at school are loving seeing my work sitting around the room.  I'm like a rock star painter to them.  And that makes me feel really cool.  Yeah.


  1. Bummer Jenni!!! Stupid computer!!!! Cute post even in your ticked off state. Love the line about the kids thinking you are a rock star painter. I'm thinking they're right!

  2. Hate that for you but it still looks like a wonderful painting! Love it that you're showing the kids what a working artist really looks like :-)