Friday, April 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 6

Howdy!  Yep.  Doing it backyards this week.  Showing you behind the scenes, then the finished product.   And yep.  I'm not finished with it thus why you are getting the behind before the done!   Ha.  It's close, just have to add the stabilo pencil which danged if it wasn't in my rolling art cart this week.  You see, this week I decided to use my lunch time as painting time at school.  Don't worry I still ate.  I love food.  There may or not be PB&J in the paint.  If you are allergic, you just might not want to buy this painting!

So why the rolling art cart.  Well folks, I found myself getting lost in cyberland too much while at lunch.  During class I pace the classroom like a vulcher over its' prey.  Kids these days do not always make wise choices with conversations or with their body parts. I'll just leave it at that.  So it's not like I am blissfully painting all day in a corner of my art room.  Nope.  Just a few short minutes at lunch and a few at the end of the day.  Enough though.  To keep me motivated and excited about painting.  Plus, like I said on the other cool blog I write, the kids are totally thinking I am a rock star painter.  I've been leaving it all out on an extra table this week.  So some classes have seen a cool progression from blank boards to finished pieces.  And they all ask, "Mrs. Horne, did you paint these?"  I really, really want to say something smarty pants.  But I don't.  I smile and say, "yep".  And then they give me the "She's a rock star" look.  OMG am I full of myself or what?
 Yes, I have a ton of paint.  And that's not all of it.  I love paint.  Luv.....
This week I drew out the composition on the plain board.  Not something I do often.  I usually have to do something to the base with gesso (black or white), texture or recently I've been using encaustic.  This week, just plain old wood. 
And then came the paint.  Heavy body acrylic paints.  In yummy cool shades.  And as usual, I can't work on just one painting at a time I've got to work on more.  See:
 And see:
Oh, and I had to eat some of this below (maybe more than one helping...geesh our school spoils us!  The Principal's husband cooked out for the teachers today and below is Dr. Falk's famous iced brownies)
So here is #6.  Almost done.  It needs some pop somewhere, somehow.  I'll find it.  But right now I am thinking I need a nap.  Friday afternoons have become my napping hours.  No way you say?  Jenni Adkins Horne takes a break?  yeah.  I know, I am weak.  Well, not really.  I bust a move all week and Friday when I get home I crash and burn!!

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