Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 7

This week's behind the scenes may induce a bonfire and round of cum-ba-ya.  Just warning you.  Because this week I again moved the studio out of the studio.  That sounded weird. last week, I knew painting time in the basement studio was going to be short and I've another show in a few weeks and a portrait to paint(that's a fun one).  I started the week like last week with a pile of fresh wooden panels and my giant bag of paint at school.  And then realized my lunch was going to be consumed with the upcoming art fundraiser Friday.  Dang.  So Tuesday I piled it all up and brought it home to find it was AMAZING outside.  I love to be outside. Working in the yard, running, walking Lily, etc...all outside activities that tend to leave me exhausted.  And easily I could have just jumped outside and done one of those things.  Actually I may have gone running.  Or was that Monday?  Geesh the days run together sometimes. 

So I walked out onto our fabulous screened porch to find this little one doing something I really needed to:

So I did.  Yep.  And then I had an "a-ha!!" moment.  Well, after sitting a spell I did.

It was hard to get up from this dreamy spot.  It's like being in a tree house.  It's funny, when looking for a new house Billy and I both wanted a few things and they were:  a bigger kitchen, laundry room, basement and screened in porch. Well, maybe that is a big list of wants, but we found them ALL right here at 120.  Woohoo.  And seriously the previous owners went all out on this space.  I love it.  I watch as much TV out here as I can.  Drink many a glasses of favorite red wine out here.  Always talk to my distant peeps here. And really look forward to summer mornings out here drinking my coffee.   You should come join me!
So the idea?  I moved the studio out here!!  Genius.  I painted and listened to the quietness.  Well, except when the Barber's dogs barked...which I've decided is a lot.  Hmm...  But it didn't stop me.  And until it gets Georgia hot, this may be a new place for painting.  The porch is a cool L shape with the space above more like a living area and below, where I painted, an eating area.  Of all things the table we have outside has a lovely Amy Butler oil cloth cover (she totally inspires me) and for chairs....drum old art stools from when I had the studio! Cool.  So it is perfect for a make-shift studio.

 A mason jar just seemed perfect for water on the porch.  And inspired the limeade background.
Lily doesn't fit on the stool with me like the big yellow chair.  Which appeared to irritate her a tad.

On a final note, I responded to a comment by a sweet reader this week that just struck an exciting chord.  I often get told or asked, "how do you do it all?"  And well, I don't.  Not really.  Do it ALL.  I have a wonderful husband that is really cute doing laundry and unloading the dishwasher.  And when he does dinner...well....  My kids are also at this super age.  Of independence that is.  And are crazy similar to me.  In that they like to be alone.  In fact Mailey said to me recently when I was piling on the couch to work on the computer, "Mom, are you going to work in here?"  "I was planning to.  To be near you?"  "Mom, seriously, I am around people ALL day.  I really just want to be alone for awhile."  Holy tamoly??  That is SO ME!  And then we all come together after dinner and chillax.  TV, reading, homework.  It's our routine.  We all need to be alone when we get home from school though.  So that is my creative time.  My blogging time.  My time to say hey to you.  It works.

My response to her was a little more though.  It was this....while home working as an artist full-time I became more self-centered than healthy.  Like absorbed in the did only what I wanted.  Didn't get out much.  Missed tons of wonderful opportunities.  Just worked.  All the time.  On my work.   By myself.   Looking back now I think I was more like a little hamster on her wheel.  Running to nowhere fast.  Now I have a job to get up for and most days look forward to.  I have limits on my extra time which makes that extra time extra special.  I've complained about this full-time job probably more than I should have.  Because honestly having the opportunity to share my gifts with these children daily is inspiring me beyond words.  And her email gently reminded me of this.  Finding a focus on painting has really, really got me giggly goo happy.  Also we've been situated in the new house almost 9 months.  And now it's time to start living in the home.  And creating.  Woohooo!!

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  1. What a great spot Jenni! I adore screened in porches. They are the best! Also, I'm loving that bicycle painting in the one photo!

  2. Perfect!!! I'd love to have you share at my JUST opened!!!

    XO, Aimee

  3. What a wonderful place you've carved out there! I just love reading your blog posts. You always seem to inspire me, motivate me or give me a much needed reminder. How do you always do that?? :)

    I'm featuring this tomorrow!!

  4. First timer here! Found you through 52 Mantels and m enjoying myself here so much that I will follow you now too!