Saturday, March 31, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 3

Oh week #3....I was afraid you'd almost not happen.  We had so much going on at night this week that I had to squeak in studio time!  I hate squeaking it in because I don't always do my best work that way.  I like feeling no pressure to be in the studio, but rather to just be in there as an escape from reality and place and time to let my mind wander creatively.  I rarely ever think about anything while painting.  I like to listen to music and escape to creative world.  Yeah, I am a freaky artsy type.  I admit it wholeheartedly.

So this one is called "finding my heart".  When you see the process you can physically see where the name came from, but behind the scenes it is a personal inner finding as well.  I have found so much love in my life.  Through my kids, husband, work, creating....but often I find myself lost and scared of the life I am in.  I get so bogged down with living that I don't truly live.  I let my head lead me, which can often spew out words that are not from my heart.  This was not a good week at school for Mailey and her friends.  I'll tell you, being a mother is the hardest job in the world.  And she broke my heart this week with her actions.  I am still trying to find my heart to put it back together and move on.  We lead and we love and we nurture our children.  But ya know what, they are going to make their own decisions...some good and some bad.  And it sucks when they are bad.  She has a lot of me in her, a lot of passion for people and life.  She's a leader.  And she is a good girl.  She just made a bad choice.  So we are mending some hearts in the Horne house this week and are very thankful it's Spring Break week and there is NO freakin' playground time (I've decided nothing good happens on the playground).  
Originally I started this on Sunday.  It was going to be a ton of lines and whimsy on top of the color circles and the natural wood.  I am really liking the natural look on the canvases for some reason.  And then it sat a few days, so I changed the plan.
 Here are my dreamy waxes flowing effortlessly on the heat element:
Whether in layers of paper or layers of wax, I like starting my work with a grounded base.  Here I chose a patterned bottom of warm and cool colors.  The top 3/4 was covered with white.
The hill was added using about 10 different greens made from letting the wax melt into one another.  I added a bunch of fun lines to the hill as well to give it a very patchy affect.  And of course a bird, my favorite subject to paint.  I then added the heart....but didn't like the in-your-faceness of the heart on a stick.  So I added petals around it to protect it almost.  You have to look to find it now.  I love the symbolism of that.
Oh, and I gave up and let Lily sit with me and let the heat gun take the floor.  As I type she's in the same position as above.  Geesh she's a Momma's girl!  So this week we are headed into Spring Break.  With an art show in less than 2 weeks I am beyond thankful for this time off.  And so are the kids!  We plan to do a bunch of enjoying our home and each other.  And after the week we've had, no one is wanting anything more.  My heart is very thankful as well.


  1. You are right! Being a mother IS the hardest job in the world! There are so many highs and lows, but hopefully you will get past this hurdle and everyone will have learned a good lesson!
    Love the painting. Looks like you are having fun and I admire you for the commitment of 52 paintings! Between teaching and home responsibilities, that can be difficult to get into our 'art zone'! Yeah, I'm the freaky art type too. Love my art time!

  2. Really, really like this one Jenni! Yup, parenting is not for the faint of heart. It's rewards far outweigh the tuff moments. One of my favorite quotes is "This too shall pass". Such a good one to have waiting in the wings when needed.

  3. Oh, I know that feeling..... but it'll pass and you will all learn from it. Enjoy every minute of the break, make art and have fun!