Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Canvas #2

Here I am, week #2.  Woohoo!!  Part of this experiment, and a rule I gave myself, was to experiment with as many mediums as possible.  To expand the vocabulary a tad you could say.  This week, although not new to encaustics....I did expand the subject matter.  Well truth be told, these images have been lingering for a long time.  Hidden deep in sketchbooks, sidebars and Church bulletins.  Yep.  All those doodles I make have made an appearance.  It was super fun to finally let them be front and center and not a part of the background, or sitting idle on the pages.    No real deep thought about the images, just letting myself be free in the studio to create what I want and not what I think will sell .  Which was a huge step in a positive direction.
Probably one more week of encaustics and then the acrylics will be back on the studio table.  Long story about where they are.  I'll be sharing that over on the other blog.  So be sure to check back and forth for a spin on all that's going on in the creative journey!  Oh, and later this week more about the process of the painting!


  1. Love the whimsy and freedom of this. Beautiful!


  2. I love this Jenni! I am such a fan of how you use color. :)