Thursday, March 29, 2012

Canvas #3

Finished this up last night.  Yep.  I am like a painting maniac right now.  LOVING painting.  In fact, I'm jumping from canvas to canvas not really finishing anything because I've just got to get the ideas out!  But I did squeak this one in last night.  This morning I took photos real quick with the Iphone and emailed them to school to post this.  And I'll be danged if the full view ones aren't all blurry.  Now, it could be my eyes because I am beyond tired (All freakin' week I've been like this peeps!!  Like the first trimester tired.  And since I know better and know there is no bun in my oven am quite perplexed as to the state of my body.)  Anyhoo....I did manage some cool behind the scenes photos which I'll show later this week.  Because looking above I am giggling as to what is under all that gooey wax.  hehehe...

This one is called, "finding my heart". 


  1. Look at all that beautiful texture! Yummy:)

  2. Love this! Great texture and whimsical! Rest up woman!

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