Thursday, June 21, 2012

Behind the Scenes Week 15

Oh Graham....I wish I could sleep my days away like you.  Well, not really.  After 2 days of the "Mexican Water Hex"....I was itching to get back to work.  My body is still in a bit of shock at what happened to it.  So although I am moving slower, my heart is rested and my mind is ready to create...create!  Yep, folks.  I bragged about getting through my first year full-time teaching and missing the bullet when strep throat wiped out 2nd grade.  When the stomach bug had Mrs. Alice running daily with her mop and bucket, I stayed strong.  Yep.  I didn't miss one day of school because I was sick.  I made it through until Monday.  And then I really want to forget that those days ever happened in my life.  Forever.
Tuesday night I did manage to muster the strength to get down to the studio for an hour and craft a new idea.  But to way.
Last night however, I was totally inspired and got straight away to work after eating dinner (First time in 3 days mind you.  I lost 6 pounds in 2.5 days.  Like I said, I want to forget these days ever happened!!).  I was flipping through my sketches and found this word.  And the painting was born.....
 The color scheme flowed effortlessly as well.  I really wanted to focus the painting on warm colors.
So almost done.   I just need to let it dry and then wipe away the chalk lines.  Touch ups and some collage and all will be done on #15!

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