Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 13

This painting was what I worked on during the PSW workshops.  It was my sample piece.  It got lots of paint.  Lots. 

Oh a Jeep.....we are a total geeky Jeep family.  There's always at least one in the driveway.  I am pretty sure every member of our family has a Jeep of some kind right now...um...Yep.  Molly has an older model Jeep wrangler, Mom a Jeep Liberty, Dad has an 56' Jeep Willis truck (the painting is of this one) and an army Willis.  And if ya extend the family a bit....Chan has a Jeep wrangler and his soon to be bride has a Jeep Cherokee!!  We should totally be in a Jeep commercial!  Right??  Jeep brings back so many amazing memories for me.  Especially in college.  We'd take it hard core trail riding with Planet X a favorite.  Any of you remember that who went to Auburn?  I am pretty sure what sits on that land now is a tractor supply store.  I'd pile my bike into the back and off we'd go to Yielding Lake to shoot skeet and camp.  Freckles, our sweet English setter, loved to hang with me in college and especially ride in the Jeep.  Always an adventure!  When it was hot, the top was always off that thing.  No AC in the south is brutal!   In case you are wondering, yes...I was a total Birkenstock, North Face wearing granola girl back in those days.  (which is hilarious since I was also a blonde Phi Mu!!)  Haha...

So my personal Jeep love started after my first car (banana yellow Beemer) was traded in.  I got a candy apple red Jeep CJ7 at age 17.   Now prior to my being 16 we always had a Jeep of some sort.  From Jeep truck, Cherokee or Wrangler type.   Talk about thinking I was hot stuff though in the CJ7...oh yeah.  It had a soft top and doors so when the top came off in the summer it was bare down to the doors.  I loved that Jeep.  In college I got a newer model.  It was "safer"....again candy apple red with a black soft top.  But in the newer models the doors where hard.  In fact, when Billy and I met he also had a red Jeep, but with a white top.   We got rid of both ours once we had the Atlanta commuting jobs.  We kind of kick ourselves for not hanging on to at least one.  You just don't think about sentimental crap like that when you are new and married and thinking insurance on 3 cars!  Alas.....we now have a newer model in the driveway.  It's this gorgeous blue.  But hard top so the Atlanta commute isn't too noisy!  Our plan is for William to drive the Wrangler when he turns 16.  We are looking at trading in orange van right now for a Jeep Cherokee.  I flinch at the thought of loosing the orange van's art show abilities....but...have you seen the new Cherokee? It is hot!

One day, I may be painting my own vintage Jeep.  For now, Dad has me covered.  Maybe I should paint the army Willis next?

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