Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 50

Week 50....Lovin' the Journey.  I know this is late getting posted, but between being out of town all week and quite honestly not feeling myself for oh....5 weeks.  It was all I could muster to want to paint.  And that's just not like me.  I don't look like I feel well either.  In fact in one week I lost close to 10 pounds.  And can't seem to get the weight back, despite the number of fries I'm eating (because that's the only thing I want to eat right now).   It's kinda personal what's been going on.  But the overall picture is that one little infection has snowballed into one mysterious ailment. Throughout it all I've learned what I am allergic to (the freakin' hard way) and how much I love my new medical insurance.  They've been patient and kind to me throughout the entire ordeal.  And hopefully by the end of today a final test result will come in and we'll have an answer and a medication!  If not, well then I might just come unscrewed.  Seriously. 

So today we are back to school.  Winter break has come to an end.  I am glad to have the distraction.  I'm glad my polka dots are gone and the pins that were sticking me figuratively have subsided.  Yeah.  I'm going to try running today in hopes that it will get my little soul back in synch.  I've so much to be grateful for right now.  And so much joy happening in my life.  I hate that it's being clouded by illness, I really do. 

So when I painted this above it was honestly a blessing.  It was early before the house was awake. I couldn't sleep, well because of said ailments and allergic reactions.  It was just me and the canvas quietly working.  I thought alot about my year and where I am now verses where I was last year.  So much good has come our way.  Little blessings .....big blessings....big accomplishments....little accomplishments....chapters closed....chapters's all a part of my journey.  A big ginormous exciting journey.  And I wouldn't trade one step.  Because it's gotten me to here.  Now.  The end of my 40th year.

Hopefully I'll have happier things to report later in the week.  But since this blog really is about my 40th year I decided I couldn't leave out this icky part.  It's a part of the journey too.  Alright y then...I suppose I'll be seeing you guys later!


  1. Beautiful painting. Sending my best to you, dear friend!

  2. This has been so much fun watching you all year! Don't worry about the ups and downs, it shows you're human! None of us sail through life without hitting some potholes! So, thank you for sharing your art, and your potholes. Much luck to you and the charity for your sale!