Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week 36

I've found that Sunday morning has become morning has become my studio morning.  It's nice and quiet in the house since everyone sleep in extra late.  We usually attend church, but not until around 10am.  Today however, I played hooky to get extra done.

 Actually the painting part I had finished earlier in the week, but knew I wanted to stamp words into the orange ring and couldn't quite decide what the words needed to be.
 And then after flipping through my book of words this quote by lao tzu stood out.

Just saying this about sums up my little life.  Letting go and trusting that who I am supposed to be is inevitable.  The path has been laid forward.   I just have to trust that my feet can stay on it and not be led astray.  We think we know better for ourselves.  But a sweet blog reader sent me a rather long message this week saying ya know what?   God gave me the desire and the talent to paint.  It was the path he chose for me and the path I've chosen to stay on.  I just have to remember these wise words.....

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