Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 37

This week we had the whole week off for Thanksgiving break.  It was a wonderful week.  One of those that you blink and bam! it's over.  We glided through the week, the kids and I.  Going here....going there....eating this.....and a lot of that.  Perfect.  I also found time to get into the studio a spell.  At least for a little spell.  Mostly I nested.  It was what I needed to do this week.  Nest.  And be a Momma.  And a hostess.  Yeah.  It was a lovely week.

But here's what I did accomplish in the studio.  Week 37:

Dreamers.......I mentioned in my regular blog last week that without people like me who see things of beauty in the simplest and sometimes the strangest of places, the world would be a very plain place to be.  Dreamers go hand and hand with this train of thought.  You gotta have those......lots of those.  I like this little painting and the simplicity of its meaning and its composition.  And yet all the elements together create a complex lovely work of art to gander at, no?

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