Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 19

Over on my Jenni Horne Studios blog this week I made the fun announcement that I'm hitting the pavement running the big 13.1 in October.  So....exciting!!!
So of course week 19's painting had to be my shoes.  I love the way the composition came together.  I added fun scrapbook paper to the inside panels where it is actually white mesh.  And under my shoes the pavement is music paper.  Music is my saving grace during a run.  Slowly I'm gathering a running mix to keep me going.  I just gotta get an I-tunes fairy to come mess on my dreadful PC and get the play list organized.  Because that is SO not my forte.
So the 52 Canvases journey continues to make me smile and keep me motivated.  I'm enjoying entertwining it with real life experiences.  It's as though I'm now painting the story of my 40th year.  I started this with no expectations or thoughts on what I'd paint when.  The canvases have come to me naturally.  I guess the spontaneity of it makes it more enjoyable and more an authentic experience!  So keep coming back...because the journey is almost half over!

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