Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 20

I'll get ya some close-ups of this next week....we are actually on our way to the beach tomorrow.  Thus where my inspiration came from this week!  The layering and building up of this canvas was truly inspiring the entire time.  I knew this was out of my thread, but really wanted a challenge this week.  Something different is good every once-in-awhile for a creative soul.  I used a ton of chalk pastels in this canvas.  Never been a huge fan of them, but I'm taking an online course and she prompts us too, so I had them out on the table already and thought, hey why not.  They give this canvas an illuminated appeal.  Luv.

So....yes....this is Mailey and William.  Going to the beach every year is our vacation.  We aren't big fancy trip takers.  Rather we like a week to spend as a family digging in the sand, swimming in the sea and eating lots of raw oysters.  Well, Billy and I eat the oysters anyways.  The above photo was of my children at a very young age.  Mailey lived in that white polka dot bikini.  Really.  Like I kept it in her keepsake box wore it all the time!  I just love the way this photo captured their innocence.  At 12 and 10 I will most likely not find them in this position on the beach again.  And it saddens me a bit.  They are growing so quickly.  And changing so quickly.  Not that I want them to stay young, but I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy each growing moment with them.  For too long they will be gone.  Sigh. 

Well, gotta go gather the shovels, pails, boogie boards and bathing suits.  We want to get an early rise on the road!  See you back next week.....when school starts here!!

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  1. I just found your blog, and I have to say I am in love! Your art and creativity is amazing! Congrats and I'm excited to see what you have in store for the upcoming weeks.