Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 17

So the silver leaf did in fact work well.  I used it on the stars and the jar lid.  I actually used gold leaf on the firefly bottoms...but it doesn't photograph too well.  In fact in person this painting is so much more vibrant and captivating.  It's this heat making my camera unhappy.
 I love the fireflies. All made from paper and gold leaf.
And then the quote.  I used to put quotes on my work all the time, but lately I've steered away from it.  But after this weekend, I couldn't help myself.  A friend needs to hear this.  Right now.  Yep.  This is for her.  Someone that is radiant in her medium but may need to work a little harder at finding the right niche.  So I encourage all of you out there...and especially let nothing dim the light that shines within.  Even after a crappy show.  Because no one can take away what gives you true joy.  Those little fireflies are proof of this for sure!

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  1. sniff, sniff. I might need to bid on this one :)