Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week 22...

While searching my pile of treasured trinkets I came upon this flashcard:

And the wheels started spinning!!  I have to tell you first that I have a slight obsession with vintage flash cards, letter cards, bingo chips, etc.  And yet, I never use them.  For fear of...well....using them!!  How funny is that?  But super glad I'd not used this one yet.  Although after taking Sarah's class this card in a sketchbook would be a great idea.  It'd be protected and inspirational!

With school starting tomorrow I decided this awesome Sunday afternoon would be a great time to get into the studio uninterrupted.  I honestly know the first two weeks of school I will be A.pooped  B.not in the best of moods  C.pooped   D.  more pooped.  I just know it.  So I have planned ahead.  Meals are planned, laundry is all done, house is clean and my running times are slotted.  I've a feeling running time is going to be a saving grace!!  I am not saying at all that I wish I didn't have this dreamy job.  I'm just being real.  The first week of school sucks.  Plain and simple. rocked out in the studio!!!  Like really....I am loving this new found love of paint mixing and a white base canvas.  Who'd a thought??
 Above is the base painting.  A tad messy and loose.  I love just putting the paint on the canvas without much thought as to the end result.  I'd sketched out a simple plan with the 5 balls on the church bulletin today (it was a rather long service with communion....communion time I was sketching away!!)  So the composition was already laid out in my head.  This, although looks very haphazard , is quite planned out!
The cool thing about layering is that you can scratch into the wet paint giving the painting a very textural appeal.  With the original colors peeking through.  It's like the colors are saying, "look at me...look at me!!"  Like my wood cutting days.  Mmmmm....

So here's the end result.  I just love the end result.  All my recent softer paintings are just so, so happy.  I like growing.  So very much. 


  1. Oh my - I love this! So happy and cheerful. Great creation:)


  2. I really really love this painting! It's so charming and playful. I just stumbled across your blog while surfing other people's blogs. What grades do you teach? I am an art teacher too for K-6.