Sunday, December 23, 2012

Week 41

Week 41.....Living.  That's a good state to be in, right? is super busy with the holidays here.  I hope to get plenty of studio time in during the week.  We'll see how that goes.  We are actually traveling more this year than usual.  But that's okay.  It's what the holidays are about.  And since we finally got everyone to agree to the when, where and how to go about the 4 Christmases I have definitely relaxed.  If you read my previous posts ya know how my heart really feels about this season.  Sigh. 

I guess the word living has been stuck in my brain after the tragedy that hit the small community in Connecticut.  As a teacher myself the what if's can't help but linger in my mind.   My over imaginative brain has worked out more than one scenario of where I would run with my children should this crisis ever arise in our school.  My mind is quite thankful for this short break to relax and refocus on truly living.  I ask my self this question all the time, "Are you living the life you intend?"  I guess it's my way of holding myself accountable.  Some days the answer is yes, some days no.  When a no creeps in I evaluate what and why and get myself back on track.  And start living again.  I find that when I am living an authentic life things seem to fall into place so nicely.  In fact, since letting the holiday crisis mode stuff has happened in every aspect of my life.  I suppose getting negative energy out allows the positive energy to flow.  Yep.  The ebbs and flows of life are not always easy to cope with, but when we cope with grace and dignity it often leads to a lovely river instead of a dinky stream.  So I'm planning to hop into the river and flow on into the new year.  Full of possibilities and full of joy.  Because I am indeed living.

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