Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 41...In Progress

Week 41 is starting off about like this:
Where are my awesome brown clogs resting themselves you ask?  At William's indoor baseball practice.  That's AstroTurf...on top of cold concrete.  Have you ever been to in an indoor baseball facility?  Well....let me just paint a picture for you.  It doesn't smell like a locker room.  Thank the good lawd for small favors like that.  But the noise.  Oh my holy cheesecracker folks!!!!  Every time the bat hits the ball (which is often) it's like teeth shattering loud.  So note to self...bring a sit-upon and head phones next time I stay.  Usually I drop off and Billy is able to get there in time for pick-up.  But not last night.  I thought it was silly to leave so instead I brought my salad and sketchbook.
I drew and drew and drew.  It was a flurry of ideas in the head jumping out onto the clean white pages.  Perhaps they wanted out to avoid the noise....whatever the case I've got some awesome new ideas to work through.  Including the type above.  I'm liking it.  So maybe this week I'll be painting words.  Hmmmm.....

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