Sunday, October 14, 2012

Week 31...Scattering JOY

Last week before my big run I blogged about it....and you guys sent the BEST well wishes a girl could have hoped for.  And then after the race I posted about the whole experience.  Again, I was blown away at the kindness you threw my way through comments, emails and texts.  Some were uber kind.  Tickled my heart.   I knew exactly what I was going to paint this week.  Even if it scared the heck out of me!  I was going to paint a self -portrait blowing kisses your way.  Awwww....I know.

First I had to get a good portrait in the pose I wanted, which was me blowing a kiss.  This was funny....hilarious actually.  I made some pretty bad pics....just sayin' a profil pic  is not my best shot with the nose I inherited!  Wowsa.  Tiffin shared with me a new lensapp and boy did I go to town with that any extra second I had.  Love the heart filter!! 

And then came the painting part.  I took lots of pics of the process.  I should share them with you.  But I'm not.  Because they are really, really scary.  Like holy cheesecracker can she paint?  Bad.  Blah.  This painting took me literally all week.  I took it to school and worked on it before my punch in the clock hour.  So this little painting took about 6 hours.  Since I finished it yesterday in the studio.  I do not like to take that long on paintings.  I get bored with them.  Ants in the pants type of thing.

On Friday it was on my desk all day because every second extra I had I was painting on it.  The kiddos couldn't help but see it since my desk is grand central station in the room.  Those kids totally gave me an ego booster...and made me realize, okay I can finish this thing!  One kid said, "So when do we get to be as good a painter as you Mrs. Horne?"  Awwww....shucks!!!  Of course none realized it was me.  One too wise for his own britches 3rd grade boy told me the hair was much to yellow and needed more bronze and gold highlights.  (Wonder what he's gonna be when he grows up?)

Saturday I added the hearts and doodle lines.  Overall, I do love it.  Not planning on becoming a painter of people though.  I think I stick to flowers, bunnies and birds!  haha...

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  1. She came out great ..Oh I mean you..came out great. Stand back and look at her.. she totally fits in to your style. So want I'm trying to say is that she is a Jenni Horne painting..get it. Love her! Hugs Deb, lets see more girls with birds on her head!!