Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week 32

I've been working in a new sketchbook like crazy lately.  Seriously.  I found a  7" square hardbound book at Hobby Lobby recently.  And for some reason the newness of the pages has me all inspired!  This week I was going to paint a bird cage...but instead ended up using some of the doodles from the pages I am swiftly filling up.  And I love it.  I do.  Sometimes I really don't like my work, honest to goodness.  And other times I want to give myself a giant hug 'cause I love it so much.  Hugs were happening in the art room this week!
I'm still obsessing over Delta Creative's Soy Paint.  I'm telling you folks they need to send me a box for upcoming workshops so I can get all my students hooked too! (hint hint Delta is you are listening!!) It is the best paint ever.  The colors are so vibrant and rich.
I'm calling this one "A Lovely garden".....right now our rose bushes are blooming again.  The bright red blooms with a hint of pink are a welcoming site to the front of our home.   I suppose these inspired the red blooms.  The orange birds...well it's about time I changed up the bird color.  Besides I keep finding tiny pink and orange irredescent bird feathers near my mailbox.  I'd love to see who is leaving them behind.  They are so delicate and beautiful.

We have a family filled wedding weekend coming up.  I'm sure my instagram is going to be off the charts all weekend.  If you follow me sorry....if you don't follow my instagrams you might want to (artsyorange).  Where the wedding is being held is magical.  I'm sure my work will be infused with this place next week!

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