Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Canvases

This week marks the week I dedicated to photographing, editing, putting on a CD, getting into flickr all the canvases so far....not an easy feat.  I had to break it into three sessions so not to get finger blisters.  haha...

Next week I'll be focusing on the invitations.  Getting them out that is.  I've already got the invites and envelopes on order!

I also decided on the charity this week.

I've not painted the canvas yet.....

Would you like to see all the work in one place?  It's pretty cool I have to admit.  I need to get into flickr and move some around to get them in order.  I uploaded in order but somehow they got scrambled.  Wacko.  But love that flikr.  Click HERE to see.

As soon as Vero gets the images onto my page in the website we'll go live with sales.  Yep.  You can pre-buy a canvas!  At the show end she'll ship the canvas to you.  So head on over and pick a favorite.  Remember, your sale is going to help some amazing teenage girls in our community.

I'll be back later in the week with a new canvas.  And perhaps some other surprises!

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  1. Whee! Already picked a favorite - keep us posted on when they're live please :-)